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The loud crashing of water signaled that she had found the right place. Probably. It was dark. Though Athena had a small flashlight, Eclair had lead most the way, more accustomed to seeing in the dark.

It had taken hours of consideration for the new Trainer to finally make her way out here. Initially upon receiving the letter (from a particularly rude Rowlet), she was intrigued. Mysterious encounters, great calamities, this was everything she had hoped for when setting out on her journey. At the same time, she could not help but be skeptical. What place did she have in this world to be receiving such a letter? She had barely met another soul since her arrival in Fizzby, aside from the few shopkeepers she had come in contact with. It wasn't even addressed to her by name, maybe the crazy bird had gotten the wrong person.

Silvertongue. That's what brought her back again. It rang true, she was one to skillfully talk her way out of things. It had come in handy, charming herself out of trouble as a child both with her parents and schoolteachers. When she worked at Laverre Cafe, she was often called upon to deal with upset customers. Eclair had fit right in with the description as well, her cute face had won Athena over far too many times, only for that mischievous smile to reveal the Pokemon had gotten her way. Still, she was confused as to how anyone knew this much about her to call her out like this. Doubt resurfaced as she wondered if it was just some kind of scam. She had heard of companies seeking out naďve trainers with fancy words, then trying to trap them into buying something.

Her curiosity ultimately won, and now she found herself standing at the foot of Starline Waterfall. Moonlight reflected off the water and provided enough illumination that the flashlight seemed unnecessary. Athena flicked it off and returned it to her bag, taking out the well-crafted letter she had received earlier that day. She traced a finger over the printed Seviper, admiring how it's silver tongue glittered.

"Maw." Eclair tugged lightly on Athena's skirt to get her attention. Still lost in thought, the girl responded with just a "Hm?"

"Hey!" The Mawile had snatched the letter out of Athena's hand, and held it away from her trainer as she tried to get it back. Her Pokemon pointed up at something Athena obviously had not noticed. The two were standing right in front of a ladder, leading up to a treehouse. "Oh. Sorry. Is this where we're supposed to be...?"

She retrieved the letter from Eclair, but not before being forced to play keep-away for a few more seconds. "Meet at the Starline Falls at midnight...." she read. "That's all it says..."

She reached out to grab a rung of the ladder, contemplating. It seemed like an ideal meeting place, but there was no one else around. But she was done hesitating, this wasn't like her, and yet she wasn't sure why she felt a twinge of fear as she ascended, Eclair close behind. As she pulled herself up to the platform, her and her Pokemon faced a wooden door. Eclair pantomimed a knocking motion, and looked at her trainer questioningly. Athena shrugged, it was worth a shot. Slowly, she brought a clasped fist up to the door, and gave three firm knocks.

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