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“Come on, Sir Tibs! We have to save that damsel in distress!” Patches shouts back to her Sneasel once she realizes she had created quite a bit of distance between them by running ahead. “Snea snea snea!! Sneaaaasel!” Sir Tibs, who is currently sitting on top of his mighty steed, is trying to encourage his ride to move forward. Unfortunately, his “mighty steed” isn’t a steed at all and Momo is not very thrilled with being sat on. Usually, Momo is the “damsel” in distress but today Sir Tibs needed a mighty steed since he found his damsel elsewhere.

“Are you two coming or what!?” Patches is so excited she is having a hard time waiting for her Pokemon to catch up. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out the note that a mysterious Vaporeon had given her and holds it up in the air. “Sir Tiiiiibs!! That Vaporeon really needs us right now!” She says while grinning wide, knowing that her Sneasel can’t resist heroic deeds. “SNEA!” Sir Tibs can’t wait anymore, he has been firmly planted in the same spot for far too long so he kicks Momo’s sides with his heels to spur him forward. “EE!?” Momo looks back at Sir Tibs shocked, he can’t believe he was just kicked. Sir Tibs is getting very impatient now and kicks again, now Momo shoots Sir Tibs a glare. Fine, if that is what Sir Tibs wants, then that is what he shall get. Momo takes off and zips past Patches, she stands there completely shocked for a moment. “Momo knows how to run!? I never knew...”

Momo does his best to make this ride as unenjoyable as possible for Sir Tibs. Making sure to run under any low bushes he sees and also pausing to buck around occasionally. It’s not long before Sir Tibs is thrown off and is now just holding onto Momo’s tail as he continues to run. Until suddenly, Momo stops dead in his tracks, the momentum causing Sir Tibs to let go and tumble forward, smacking into a… Door? Momo collapses on the spot, that was probably more exercise than he has ever had in his entire life combined. Sir Tibs immediately stands back up, he has leaves and branches sticking out in multiple places but that doesn’t stop him from puffing out his chest and standing with perfect posture. Patches, who wasn’t too far behind, finishes running across a nearby bridge and looks at her Pokemon with a smile. “We’re here!!!” She reaches down and picks up Momo, cradling him in her arms. Now that everyone is here, Sir Tibs steps forward and knocks on the door.
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