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Trainer Name: Luc Chevalier de Beaufort
Age: 24
Birthplace: Lumiose City, Kalos Region
Profession: Ace Trainer, Entertainer
Appearance: Luc's hair has two vastly distinct tones - the pitch black of his father's and the light silver, almost white one of his mother's. He is a lean, medium-height young man who dresses sharply at all times, and never foregoes a mask of some sort in public appearances, it having become his signature accessory. Proud of his public image, Luc takes great care to always look as nice as possible, from his custom made outfits to the line-up of PokéBalls in his belt.
History: Luc is the only child of legendary illusionist Jean-Pierre de Beaufort and equally famous Ace Traienr Madeleine Chevalier. Jean-Pierre was one of the most famous and sought-after entertainers in the entire region, earning fortunes with every performance, while Madeleine quickly rose up the ranks of the Pokémon battling scene to achieve legendary status in under two years in Kalos. Reaping the benefits of his parents’ success, Luc led a fairly uneventful and definitely privileged life throughout his infancy and teenage years, despite the rocky relationship he had with his mother.
Madeleine and Jean-Pierre were polar opposites in almost every aspect, including their outlook on life. Luc admired his father, wanting to pursue a similar career when he grew up – even if he never harboured a particular love for performing, he was quick to grasp the appeal of money and how entertainment was by far the easiest route to attain it. However, his mother despised show-business and loathed the “obscene amounts of money wasted” in that industry; she considered most artists guilty of earning way beyond their worth, especially when compared to “hard-working Trainers with real aspirations”. One day, his father passed away after a failed illusionist trick, leaving Luc alone with his mother.
Luc harbours resentment towards Madeleine, who never allowed him to take after his father; as it turned out, Luc was revealed to be every bit a proficient Trainer as his mother, achieving notoriety for both his skill and his flamboyant, elaborate fighting style which he borrowed from his father's performances on stage. Always at odds with Madeleine's stern outlook on life, Luc left home to pursue his own endeavours – eventually becoming Kalos Champion before choosing to start anew in a far away land, with the eyes of an adoring nation firmly placed on their new idol.
He maintains a soft-spoken, easy-smiling demeanour in public, his natural charm overflowing in every interview and media appearance - which coupled with his innate skill make him a fan-favourite wherever he goes. As a result, his self-confidence is unending, often turning excessive, but he has always been able to back it all up and sees no reason to change any time soon.


Nickname: Polaris
Gender: Male
Level: 3
Bond: 23
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Bold
Birthday: December 10
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: The Hatchery
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Charge Beam, Spark, Thunder Wave
EM/MT Moves: Magnet Rise
TM/HM Moves: Acrobatics
Bio: Polaris is every bit as confident in itself as Luc. A Pokémon without weaknesses, as was quickly pointed in its reveal to the public, the Electric-Type was specifically chosen by Luc for this absence of flaws, and Polaris remains well and proudly aware of this. The offspring of two Pokémon belonging to Fizzytopia's Elite Three - Marion's Gastly and Lucas' Tynamo -, Polaris harbours immense power within its tiny frame, often catching foes completely off-guard with its unassuming strength and speed. Much like Luc, Polaris feeds on continued success and recognition, and together they make a formidable duo.

Nickname: Vega
Gender: Female
Level: 20
Bond: 21
Ability: Shed Skin
Nature: Rash
Birthday: May 19
Ball: PokéBall
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Adoption Center
Level-up Moves: Wrap, Swagger, Bite, Lick, Poison Tail, Feint, Screech, Venoshock, Glare
EM/MT Moves: Aqua Tail, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Flamethrower, Giga Drain, Gunk Shot, Iron Tail, Scary Face
TM/HM Moves: -
Bio: Vega is a very dangerous creature, and not just because of its species or its unusually large size; her character is perhaps what makes her the most deadly, a Pokémon prone to violent mood swings and a love for the hunt, whose only true allegiance is to herself. She obeys Luc out of a mutually beneficial agreement, but her loyalty remains doubtful, even if she has yet to turn against her Trainer - as long as he lets her have her share of bloody fun, all is well, and the Seviper is exceedingly good at what she does: striking fear in the hearts of her prey, and backing it up with formidable, unrestrained strength.

Nickname: Betelgeuse
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Bond: 15
Ability: Speed Boost
Nature: Sassy
Birthday: August 17
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Trade with Sandaa
Level-up Moves: Screech, Fury Cutter, Double Team, Screech, Bug Bite, Scratch, Harden, Absorb, Sand Attack, Leech Life, Fury Swipes, Mind Reader, Agility
EM/MT Moves: Endure
TM/HM Moves: -
Bio: Betelgeuse is supremely confident in what he does best. Similarly, he can feel profoundly offended when his greatest talents are brought into question - the worst thing one can do is underestimate his blistering, unparalleled speed. He knows he lacks the raw strength of Pokemon like Polaris or Vega, but the mixture of his agility and highly tactical mind make him a formidable fighter - and he knows it. Betelgeuse's arrogance and self-importance can sometimes be hard to stomach, but are even harder to dispute, and his stratospheric levels of confidence make each of his movements precise and deadly effective. Nervousness and self-doubt are simply not part of Betelgeuse's vocabulary.

Nickname: Eltanin
Gender: Female
Level: 1
Bond: 10
Ability: Sheer Force
Nature: Calm
Birthday: September 30
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: The Hatchery
Level-up Moves: Sand Attack, Bite, Feint Attack, Bide, Fissure, Feint, Superpower
EM/MT Moves: -
TM/HM Moves: -
Bio: Eltanin is unruly and impetuous, albeit well-meaning. Her appetite is voracious, and she's taken the habit of constantly nibbling on anything nearby just to keep herself occupied, much to the chagrin of her targets. The Ground-Type is happy-go-lucky and warmhearted, able to keep high spirits in any situation, even when the usually-composed Artiste loses his cool. Despite her small size, there is a latent destructive power within her that both entices and frightens Luc...

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