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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(Maudlin, what did you do to the office. This doesn’t look anything like the place I remember? *Dead Ratatta says nothing*. What do you mean I should consider this place to be under new management?)

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The first thing on your mind was to retreat the unconscious Kai to the safety of his Pokéball. Better he rest in there than continue being dragged along in his comatose state you reckon. You heard the faint cries in the distant, its source unrecognisable. You call out another partner Pokémon of yours. Wisp comes forth and hops into your arms. The two of you give only a look but the Litwick understood something was wrong. That much was certain when you took in your surroundings. The faint sense of obliteration littered the ruins, as if civilisations came here to be forgotten and removed from the world.

You felt like a ghost amongst the ruins yourselves and with no sure way of where to go, opt to follow the cries in the hopes of finding someone or something. The crying never stopped, making it easy for you to find the path where the lamenting got louder. You wander amongst the broken remains of buildings as you got closer and pretty soon you heard other cries with softly uttered words in between.


“Where am I?”


Each voice was a quiet cry for help made of only sobs. Eventually you come up to find the source of the lamenting only to stand dead in your shoes when you see it. An ethereal being, a woman you reckon, was crouched with her back to the wall of a broken-down building. She rocked back and forth in her place, continuing to cry softly. “Why...I don’t know…why..” The catatonic ghost didn’t even so much as recognise your presence, continuing to stir in her misery. If you tried to get closer or even talk to her, the ghost merely said “leave me alone” with a sorrowful voice, never stopping her movements as he rocked back and forth. The woman merely continued, ignoring your presence altogether.

It is then, when you look at the other ruins that you notice other spirits in a similar pose. Each of them mourning in their own place separate from one another and weeping while crying out regrets or questions.

“..where are you…”

“…where am I…”


“…I didn’t know…I didn’t know…”

None of them so much as took a moment to look at you or cease what they were doing. Except one. A darkly clad boy passes by one of the walls. He was close, close enough for you to tell this wasn’t a spirit like the rest of them. You weren’t able to see through him and he wasn’t in a perpetuating state of misery like the rest. The boy notices you too and gasps almost in surprise. Instantly, he walks towards you, then paces himself and then practically runs with grim excitement on his face.

The boy comes closer into view and you can tell by his pale skin tone and tattered layers of dark clothing that he belonged to a small clique of specific people with specific interests; hex maniacs, or spiritualist as they preferred to call themselves. “Oh my- wow,” he grabs a hold of you and shakes. “You’re real!? Another real life person in here. Are you also a spiritualist like me? Who are you? Why did you come here? I can’t believe I found another person who can channel themselves here.” The boy continues to shake you with excitement, clearly intrigued by finding you in this desert.

“Tell me what else you can do. Did you master the nine sacred arts? Did you manage to levitate once?” He stops shaking you for a while and pants from exhaustion. He bursts into a laughing cackle, the type that would make most people’s skin crawl.

He turns back to his questioning. “You have to tell me everything about you. Maybe I can help you?” His still, smiling face was dangerously close to yours at this point. “I’m looking for something here too. Maybe we can help each other?”

“Tell me,” he gives you another shake. “Tell me, tell me.”

Whoever this person was, he clearly had an idea of where you two were and was more than eager at having come across you. You could answer and perhaps even get some information out of him. He did ask if you two could team up, but his ghastly excitement and boundary issues were a tad scary to say the least so perhaps that might not be the best option. Still, you would have to find a way to deal with the Hex Maniac spiritualist and his, literal, clutches.

What do you do?
Austin looked at the desperate hex maniac with wary eyes. So it would seem he wasn't the only one trapped here in this weird limbo. Was this purgatory? Or a reality marble created due to the the mass amounts of the dead that lived within the isles? This boy seemed human, but he could be no more than a wraith... A restless spirit that doesn't even realize it's own death. There were too many possibilities to think over, but it seemed that he wasn't a departed soul to Wisp... At least that was a good sign. Still, the way he was desperately clutching the brunette set him on edge.

"Uh, I just fell down here from the train I was on... That's all. I'm not a mage..." Austin muttered, dodging the personal questions and being a bit uncomfortable with the distance, or more accurately the lack of, between the two. The last time he was physically close to someone... Was before that day. He couldn't remember, but he could feel that was true. Collecting himself, he created a gap between the desperate hexer and continued walking forwards.

"Still.... sitting around and crying solves nothing. I think the Pokemon surrounding me went in this direction, so I'm going to continue that way. If there is any way to escape, they might know..." The teen spoke under his breath, adjusting his mask. it felt like he was already stepping on needles. Why did the only human... If he was truly human at this point.. be a crazed Hex Maniac? "Oh, speaking of them, have you seen a group of ragtag Pokemon around here? It might help out."

With his responses and questions out of the way, Austin continued to head forwards. He didn't care to see if they Hex Maniac was following him or not, he had a feeling that they would be. Just.... He just didn't need to get attached. He had his own Pokemon to deal with anyways. Austin quickly looked up at the pitch black darkness. How was that trainer her ran into earlier doing? It was hard to know at this point. He continued to walk through the desolate land, awaiting for an answer to his questions.

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