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Heather had said nothing in response to anything Keith had said to her, and walked out of the room to get the snacks ready. Before Keith could say anything, Grace spoke up, explaining to Keith that Grace's deal with Shadow Pokémon went well beyond just fear. It was something she apparently had no desire to talk about, but was also something the Emolga felt she needed to talk about. Keith nodded as Grace suggested he bring this up the next time he and Heather met. "Definitely," he agreed. It looked as though Grace was holding back more details- and just barely, too. She looked as though she was bursting to say more, but Keith didn't force it- if she didn't feel like it ought to be said at the moment, he wasn't going to force the issue. Certainly he intended to ask Heather about this at some point in the future, though that moment was not right now, he knew.

And speaking of right now, that's when Heather reappeared, bearing platefuls of pizza rolls. They moved on over to the table to eat them, Keith giving a small appreciative chuckle at Heather's abandoned "onion lover's" joke. Aster hopped up on the table, practically drooling at the sight and smell of the pizza rolls, though resisted the urge to dig in, especially after seeing how Heather flinched after eating one, stating that they needed to cool down. "Yeah, generally a good idea," Keith nodded. "Meowth, Aster, we can wait, right??" he asked.

"Yeah, I guess," Meowth shrugged, though he still looked longingly at the pizza rolls.

"Mareanie," Aster nodded her agreement.

"Yeah!" grinned Anion, moving to the opposite end of the room, looking ready to go. She nodded as Magus gave her the first move, and she took it! She wasn't going to whip out that powerful new move right away just yet, though- save it for a little later. For now, she started by letting loose a loud Growl, hoping to lower Ryuko's Attack right away, after which she would move in for a Quick Attack.

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