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"Gatoooor," grinned Gold.

"Blaaaastoise," rumbled Chance- unlike Gold, her response was less of a response to Kawaii, and more of a response to Keith stroking her head.

Keith smiled at this. "Just like Dad's Blastoise," he repeated. Then he turned to Kawaii. "Just occurred to me- I never told you much about my family, did I?" he asked.

"Oh, I could, in theory," Albus piped up. "When I evolve into Kakuna, I'll have two stingers in front that I can extend a little in order to attack, and I can even move them around a little bit. I might be able to write with those, though it obviously isn't as good an option as with my tail stinger. I don't know if I'll do it, though," he added. "I'm more into reading than writing, personally. Oh- and battling," he added, his eyes shining at the prospect. "I love a good battle!" This statement got a small chuckle and a proud grin out of the nearby Drapion.

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