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Heather stood for a few seconds in silence, contemplating something, then just nodded and left the room, the door sliding shut behind her. Grace, still in the room, sighed deeply before turning to the Poison Type Trainer.

"Keith...listen for a moment. The whole thing between Heather and Shadow's more than just ordinary fear. I can't say any more about it myself, you'll have to ask her later at some point, and believe me, you do need to ask. As confident as Heather likes to appear, she can be really anxious about things, even if she knows nothing can go wrong, like you just saw. She wants to say more about this, but she just can't, at least not on her own. Without anyone to help her, to give her no place to hide, this stuff just continues to eat at her and hold her back, and it holds her back from telling anyone, and so the cycle continues. I...I don't know if it can ever really get "better," per se, much of it centers around this, and I think it'd be good for her to open up to another person about it. Again, maybe not now, but at some point, and soon. Whether Heather likes the idea or not...there are things she's going to have to face eventually, and just clamming up and trying to bear it all herself is going to fail. The next time you two get together, wherever that long as it's just the two of you, you need to confront her on this. Eventually she'll need to take the initiative on stuff like this, steps. My job is to protect her, but...there are different sides to that. Sometimes I just don't know which one is really helping." Grace explained. One could tell from her expression it was taking all she had to not say more now. Circe whined at Grace worriedly: apparently she hadn't been filled in on any of this yet. "Later,'s a long story." she said to the Mareep, who just nodded slowly.

Minutes passed, and finally the door reopened, Heather entering with a few platefuls of steaming hot pizza rolls. Her expression seemed much lighter, perhaps just from not thinking abut Stewie anymore, or this was a comfort food of sorts, perhaps both.

"I was considering making an onion lovers' joke, but...that would be in rather poor taste, I think!" she said. "Anyway, let's eat, shall we? To the table, folks~!" she said, bringing the plates over to the nearest table, setting them down, and taking the first roll for herself. She flinches, it's still just a bit too hot. "Maaaaaybe let them cool off a minute..." she says sheepishly.

Magus simply nodded. Ryuko, knowing the limits of her current moves, knew she was at a disadvantage, but maybe, if whatever move this was was cool enough, she could convince Heather to teach it to her soon enough as well once this was all over.

"All right then, a battle it is! Places, everyone! Magus can be the referee for this one~!" Ryuko chirped, moving over to one end of the room and taking a ready stance. Magus gave a small sigh then floated to a different side of the room, to Ryuko's right.

This will be a one-on-one battle between Ryuko the Plusle and Anion the Minun! The contest will last until one combatant is unable to continue. As the challenger, Anion will make the first attack! Begin when ready! the Ghost Type declared. Ryuko steeled herself for whatever Anion would throw her way first...
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