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A terrifying creaking floats through the air as the long-dead Shuckle lumbers to the scene. For ten minutes, nothing but throaty rasps leave his dusty, ancient throat, but after what seems like an eternity, people and Pokemon waiting patiently for something to happen, words coalesce.

"Welcome to the Lawn Are-cough HACK blech"

Our challengers today are @Polly, legendary smut-writer and a dear friend of mine, and TalkSick, a new face on the sce-

What do you mean, TalkSick isn't new?

Two years, you say?

TalkSick tests the, lawns, with Dreadwing, a Vikavolt, and App responds in kind with another Bug/Electric, a Galvantula named Clee. The opponents eye each other carefully, readying their first moves. Clee starts us off, scuttling around unpredictably to avoid aerial assault. Malice in its compounded eyes, it screeches off a Bug Buzz, red waves of sonic energy rushing towards its foe. Dreadwing, meanwhile, has been gathering speed for a powerful Fire Fang attack, and soars through the full Buzz without even slowing down, though I'm sure that had to hurt! Galvantula's brief pause to launch a Bug Buzz may have spelled its doom, though - Vikavolt is speeding towards it faster than it can get out of the way, with a maw full of fire! IN FLAMES! The Fire Fang manages to grip two of its legs, and Clee looks furious. But not too furious to remember its instructions - a cloud of hissing insects settles on Dreadwing's carapace. Doubtless that'll get annoying soon enough.

Dreadwing burrows into the ground, its legs quickly carving out a tunnel. Unfortunately, it can't really track Galvantula's quick movements that well, and it can't really turn around fast enough to keep up with Galvantula's quick, spidery movements. After a few moments of digging, it pops up from the ground, feeling a little defeated and irritable, and rises into the air to prepare its next move.

Clee definitely took the bigger hit - a Fire Fang from a Vikavolt is something to fear. Dreadwing may not agree that it came out on top, though - it's covered in those terrible itchy bugs, and ate a full-force Bug Buzz on top of that.

TalkSick to order.

(sorry about the delay in reffing, I had to find out where the gen 7 SCs were)
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