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Sylveon Romant-sous-Bois


Nestled deep in the woods lies a grove of trees whose leaves oddly keep their autumnal colors year round. A conspicuous pile of leaves hides the entrance to a clustered canopy of trees serving as a Secret Base. It is said on full, moonlit nights, fairy rings appear around the area.


The base opens up to a spacious room that has the faint smell of cinnamon. The room seems unfinished, with Poke Dolls strewn about and still-unpacked boxes. A ladder in the corner of the room leads up to the second floor.


Another spacious room, albeit more lived-in. A vintage Snorlax beanbag rests comfortably in the corner. An old video game console is hooked up to the TV. There's a small kitchen that somehow has a gas stove and running water.

Athena and her Pokemon frequent the base often. She welcomes anyone, even if she doesn't know you. If you're not greeted at the door, you can probably find her upstairs playing "Hey You, Pikachu!", resorting to yelling when the virtual Mouse Pokemon doesn't listen to her. The orange and red leaves remind her of home.


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