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Trainer Name: "Hemlock"
Age: ??
Birthplace: Saigo Region
Profession: Hermit
Appearance: Hemlock is an old man who cares nothing about appearances or how others perceive him. He has been roaming the Earth for countless decades (centuries even, according to some people), and has long since lost any sense of shame or need for acceptance. He dresses in whatever rags he can find, and never goes anywhere without his wooden staff, even though he is surprisingly nimble for a man his age, with no real need for walking aids...
History: Hemlock's past is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows the elder's real name, or how old he really is - and the often drunk old man is never clear about his origins either. Lately, he took to roaming the landscapes of Fizzytopia, but some believe he was originally from Saigo. He is a master of potions and poisons, and some believe he found immortality through his concoctions - something Hemlock neither confirms nor denies. He earns a living as a shaman of sorts, creating remedies for the sick as well as some other brews of questionable utility. After a fateful encounter with Tatakami Tower monk Sai Hajimoto, who was shortly thereafter murdered by Hush, Hemlock has adopted the Pokemon left behind by the young Sage. To this day, he struggles to decide what he'll do: continue his life as a herbalist and healer for those in need, or pursue the one who killed Sai, giving Sai's former partners closure and a chance at revenge...


Nickname: Meiko
Gender: Female
Level: 18
Bond: 0
Ability: Keen Eye
Nature: Docile
Birthday: May 6
Ball: PokéBall
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Adoption Center
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Scratch, Foresight, Defense Curl, Agility, Coil, Quick Attack, Fury Swipes, Helping Hand
EM/MT Moves: Aqua Tail
TM/HM Moves: Dig, Focus Blast, Thunderbolt
Bio: Meiko is living proof that looks can be deceiving. Her cutesy appearance and polite demeanour conceal one of Hemlock's most ferocious fighters, possibly his strongest in dire moments. She has been around the old man for as long as Gouki, but prefers to keep to herself and explore the outside world at her leisure rather than stick around to watch Hemlock drink. She is determined, devoted and amazingly resourceful, capable of mastering a multitude of moves and relying on her agility to keep even the mightiest foes on their feet - but outside of combat, Meiko is as close as a Pokemon can get to an actual princess...

Nickname: Kurokaze
Gender: Male
Level: 1
Bond: 0
Ability: Hydration
Nature: Serious
Birthday: May 14
Ball: PokéBall
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Trade with Lil'twick
Level-up Moves: Absorb
EM/MT Moves: Encore, Gastro Acid, Signal Beam, Spikes
TM/HM Moves: -
Bio: Kurokaze, or Kuro for short, is an extremely antisocial creature, even more so than Hemlock. He resents the perpetual burden of his iron shell which, in his mind, is his greatest hindrance - the one thing preventing him from realizing his full potential. He lives a bitter, silent life and not even Hemlock can get through to him. Kuro spends his days contemplating what life would be outside of his prison, and has vowed to show the world what he's destined to accomplish as soon as he manages to break free. One day...

Nickname: Kami
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Bond: 19
Ability: Magic Guard
Nature: Calm
Birthday:February 12
Ball: Luxury Ball
Hold Item: None
Obtained: Trade with EpicSquirtle
Level-up Moves: Teleport, Kinesis, Confusion, Disable
EM/MT Moves: Barrier, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Skill Swap, Signal Beam, Thunder Punch, Thunder Wave
TM/HM Moves: Energy Ball, Psychic, Tri Attack
Bio: Kami is a creature spoken of in legend, known to all in Saigo as a being whose never-ending rebirths are heralded by the appearance of mountains in the landscape - such is the intensity of its mental power. Still in an incomplete form, Kami was sought out by Sai who wished to train under him, only for the Psychic-Type to join his team in hopes that the human's passion and dedication could help break his own bonds of weakness. With Sai's passing, Kami could have easily left, but something about Hemlock's mysterious existence and the elder's obscure powers fascinate the god. Extremely perceptive but preferring not to involve himself directly in the affairs of humans, Kami rarely intercedes on Hemlock's behalf, but is a source of unending wisdom that the hermit can always turn to for advice.

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