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Missingno. Master

In spite of a healthy dose of skepticism towards the Clefairy, the group decides to give her the benefit of the doubt and let her go, as long as she returns the ball. She seems rather relieved by your collective decision, and willingly relinquishes the ball, passing it over to Chromium.

"I'm the one who should be apologizing!" she insists, "I'm sorry for the misunderstanding, really!"

With the ball returned, the Clefairy skips off into the darkness of the cave, clearly eager to cause no further trouble. Your primary goal has been achieved, but you still need to return the ball to its rightful owner and you'll have to get out of the cave to do that. But with the entrance blocked and the remainder of the cave unknown to the group, it is not exactly a simple or straightforward task. You could wander around the cave in hopes of finding another exit, but who knows how deep this cave goes, and you don't exactly have infinite time to stumble upon an egress. You could also try to find a guide, but the only potential one you've come across so far has just gamboled into the shadows.

Before you have much time to consider your options, however, you hear a commotion coming from the caves ahead. The sounds of flapping and screeching from the other branch from before have followed you here, but this time, a scream accompanies them. It appears a Pokémon is in trouble! Will you come to their rescue?

♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


As Dreamer approaches them with a great deal of boldness, in spite of the warnings from Sebastian, the Houndour and Corphish take quick notice, spinning around as Dreamer confronts them. At her suggestion of talking about their unacceptable behavior, the two ruffians laugh derisively.

"Who are you, our mom?" the Houndour quips.

"Why should we listen to you?" continues the Corphish.

"Some big shot adventure team wanders onto our beach and tells us the way we do things is 'unacceptable'. Hah!"

While the two of them continue to chatter and laugh, clearly not willing to negotiate through words, Peaches is busy sketching smilies in the sand with her paw. The Panpour takes notice fairly quickly, smiling in response. She approaches, looking to be happy to oblige the Pichu. With her club tipped tail, she draws a little face in the sand herself, seeming to be rather deft with her appendage. She manages to skillfully draw what looks like a self-portrait, a happy looking Panpour face smiling back at Peaches.

Once the rough pair feels like they've had their fun, they both give one more snickering laugh, and turn away.

"We're out of here," the Houndour declares, clearly unwilling to negotiate or settle this, "C'mon, you monkey, let's go somewhere where these losers aren't."

As the others saunter away, Panpour hesitates, clearly not too eager to follow the obnoxious duo she has found herself entangled with. Although diplomacy seems to have failed, you might be able to still convince Panpour to stand against the Rough Customers, and maybe with some mild trickery or aggression, break their stranglehold over the beach...


Opting to hoist Pouli over the rock and have her hunt down the scuttling, cowardly bug, Niho enlists the help of the Pansear to get her over the wet rocks.

"Sure, let's give it a shot!"

Everyone getting into position, Niho and Pansear get up behind Pouli's posterior. With all their effort and weight behind them, they manage to shove her up the side of the slippery rocks. She claws and flails a bit, but she makes it to the top, sliding down the other side.

"I can't let you go alone!" Pansear declares once Pouli makes it to the other side.

With her simian deftness, she bounds up the rocks and over without too much problem, making it to the other side. Once you're both freed from the trap, you quickly note the trail the Wimpod left behind in the sand. It seems in its panic it didn't even bother to cover its tracks, meaning Pouli's expert tracking skills aren't even needed!

Trailing the line in the sand takes you to another complex of hot springs, this one quite a bit taller than the others. Three tiers of springs are arranged in a staggered fashion, creating a hidden alcove in the middle. The tracks lead right into the alcove. Through it, you can see glints of light and some movement. It seems the Wimpod is inside, likely along with the Golisopod. You recognize the items inside to be of some value.

"I'm sure all of that is stolen," Panpour theorizes, "I'm definitely not the only one to have been stolen from by these criminals. What do you think we should do? Try to get some of them back? Confront Golisopod?"

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