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[INDENT]Fascinating -- and concerning -- though the arrow might be, your primary concern is your partner Pokémon, Munchlax. Putting the bizarrely-fletched projectile out of your mind, you wandered over to the Belue Berry bush to see what has fascinated the miniature glutton more than food. Sifting through the branches and brambles is a difficult task, and you spook more than a few Bug-type Pokémon in the process, but after a few moment’s digging, you come upon your answer: on the other side of a thick, forked branch at the base of the bush is what appears to be a nest!

Lined with leaves, it has eggs of varying sizes inside. Charcoal grey on top and light peach on bottom, with two golden spots each that almost seem to glow, they radiate an eerie ambiance despite being simple eggs. Munchlax is desperately trying to get to them, but his fat body cannot fit through the fork of the branches, mercifully saving the yet-unborn lives from a presumably swift end. Nonetheless, his grubby, greedy fingers wiggle centimeters from the slick, delicate surface of one of the ovum, his head crammed through the fork -- he really wants an omelette!

What will you do?

A number of conflicting thoughts flooded his mind all at once. Immediately he wondered which species of Pokémon laid eggs with such curious pattern, with little luck; then, he wondered if the arrow belonged to one of the progenitors, keeping guard over the nest, or on the contrary, an approaching predator; also, he postulated that the parents might no longer be around, which meant the eggs were unguarded against poachers; and finally, he realized the most dangerous poacher of all within range was… Munchlax himself!

“Munchlax, NO!!”

Hastily, clumsily, but no doubt necessary, Rorik shouted and lunged at the gluttonous idiot – effectively breaking his cover if anyone was on the lookout, but tackling the bear just in time before he could overcome the branch barrier and nab one of the eggs. Human and Pokémon tumbled to the floor, with Rorik winding up on top, pinning the small bear to the ground.

“Now you listen here,” he began, his usual composure as mangled as his lab coat, “you have no right to steal eggs, let alone eat them! They are unborn babies, what were you thinking?! And what of the parents, what do you think they would do to us?”

The Professor went on with his lecture, wondering all the while just how much of it Munchlax was effectively retaining. He knew he was prone to excessively long discourses when riled up, but educating the critter was of critical importance for their continued survival. If they were to ever function as a team and establish a bond worth studying, then Rorik would have to take it upon him to weed out Munchlax’s bad habits before they became an irremediable problem.

To this, Munchlax yawned, and his belly growled. The Professor shook his head in defeat, then rose to his feet ever-so-carefully, lest another arrow struck him down. Scanning the perimeter with his head mere inches above the bushes, he finally acknowledged he would need extra help in the endeavour. The eggs had peaked his interest, but he was at a loss about how to proceed.

A PokéBall fell to the grassy floor and snapped open, materializing a Staryu, Rorik’s other companion. Adopted by mistake at the New Fizz Adoption Center, the Professor still wasn’t sure what to do with the expressionless starfish, but its Analytic behaviour could no doubt be an invaluable trait. Hard to decipher as it was, the Water-Type still felt more dependable than the Pokémon gifted to Rorik by the Champion of Heiml himself, which was ironic to say the least.

“Staryu,” he whispered, his composure regained, “can you sense any nearby Pokémon? Any that could be the keepers of these eggs?”

The rule-bound Professor was vehemently opposed to theft of any kind, but he was so immensely curious about this find… It had been repeatedly postulated on several renowned journals that Pokémon born from eggs in the possession of humans bonded with those Trainers much faster, having known them since birth. He longed to test that theory himself - his previous attempt at Springtime Isle having gone terribly awry - but he wasn’t about to steal just to satisfy his curiosity…

Unless the parents are no longer able to take care of them, he wondered as he tossed the nest another look, in which case we should stay and protect them… right?
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