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Charizard The Animated Legacy Tournament

Do you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was?

Well its time to prove that you have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master.

To enter you must choose an anime character found here (if you can find a character on Bulbapedia that's fine too, just link it here). Serebii has each character's current team listed. You may use any Pokemon that player has barring any banned in standard SM OU. For all intents and purposes "multi" characters like the Kimono sisters, Misty's sisters, Nurse Joys and so on are counted as one entity.

The Breakdown

Here's how it's going to work. When signups open, you will have the opportunity to sign up, claiming the Pokemon anime character of your choice. Ash, Brock, Misty, Dawn, whoever. As long as they have at least 3 Pokemon that aren't banned from OU, they're fair game. Why do I say 3? two reasons: 1, most characters only have maybe 3 Pokemon revealed to us. 2, when's the last time the anime had a 6v6 battle? It also prevents characters like Gary just steamrolling everyone.


-3v3 SM Pokebank OU Smogon Rules (With certain exceptions)
-This tournament is SIMULATOR ONLY. PO/PS, NOT WiFi.
-Matches will be Best of 3. Not 5, not 1, 3.

Special Rules

-Limited Species Clause - You may use as many of a given species as that character has. For example, if you select ash, you may use 3 Tauros, but only one Pikachu.
-In the spirit of the anime, OHKO moves are NOT banned.
-You may only use Pokemon that are either on your character's current team or at "Oak's Lab". No Pokemon that have been traded away, evolved, or released never to be seen again.

Signing up:

Signing up is simple. Just fill out the following form. I copy & paste things, so just do me a favor and fill it out properly. If it's not filled out properly, including the timezone, I'll just deny you.
UPN Username:
Timezone (GMT Format):
We will aim for 32 participants. There will be no substitutions.

Signups will last for one week, ending at 10 AM GMT -5 on Monday, 7/3/17. Good luck

Posting Matches

When posting the results of your match, you MUST use the following form. If the form is not filled out properly then, in the eyes of this tournament, the match never happened. There will be no arguments on this rule.

Opponent's UPN Username:
Your character:
Opponent's character:
Game 1: (w/l, Score)
Game 2: (w/l, Score)
Game 3: (w/l, Score) (If Necessary)
Additional Comments:


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