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Sale Buys of the Steam variety

L.A Noire Complete Edition
I'm a big sucker for L.A Noire and I haven't played it since early high school/the first time I ever beat it. It was the first game I ever wanted to 100% achievement wise (back when I was an Xbox guy) but our 360 broke and I lost the game/all progress because I went back to my Sony roots afterwards. My computer can't run it so... there's that. But I should have a new PC by early August hopefully.

IDK if this actually counts, I bought it when it went on sale and not exactly during the Summer sale but it was cheap so it can be on this list. I've wanted this game ever since I saw Dunkey play it and I have not been disappointed.

Banner Saga 1 & 2
I've wanted these for a while... I played about half of the first one one on a friend's (er ex's) Xbox One but obviously that play through can't be finished. Now I can finally experience the glory.

Yas. Own it for PS2 and as a PS2 classic on PS3 but... it was a dollar??? Now I have it on the go and it's absolutely amazing so it's okay.

Penumbra Black Plague: Gold Edition
Can't say no to horror. Not for a $1.60.

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