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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Being prepared for any situation is an admirable and desirable trait in damn near everyone, but especially in Pokémon Trainers. And not just in terms of their Pokémon, either- good Trainers knew to stuff their bags with all sorts of potentially useful items. Healing items. Escape Ropes. And much, much more. But no one item was of more use to Trainers than the Poké Ball. And as true as this held for virtually any Trainer class you can think of, there was one fact in particular that was especially relevant right now; the various tools of the trade- your Shiny Charm, your Poké Radar- all of those were important... but no self-respecting Shiny hunter would dare be without a respectable variety of Poké Balls.

It was with this fact in mind that Gavin Golurkson strolled into the Department Store, walking with purpose right to the Poké Ball counter. The employee behind the counter eyed Gavin. "Can I help you, sir?" she asked.

"Fuck yeah," Gavin nodded, eyeing the various types of Poké Ball on display with a keen interest. "These kinds of balls you got on display, all of 'em for sale?"

"Not quite," the employee replied apologetically. "The Master Ball you see is merely a decorative piece- I couldn't tell you of a single shop that could sell you one of those. Also, I'm afraid that of the Poké Balls we sell here, the Lure, Heavy, Love, Friend, Level, Fast, and Moon varieties are not among them. Due to the delicate nature of Apricorn farming, and the methods used to convert them, mass-producing those varieties is quite impossible, so-"

"Alright, yeah, I get the picture," Gavin nodded. "Figured as much, just also figured it couldn't hurt to ask, yeah? Alright, lemme see... I'm gonna need some Quick Balls, maybe ten of those... Five Net Balls... Maybe five Dusk Balls too... Ooh, yeah, five Timer Balls... Five Nest Balls... And, uh... yeah, gonna round it off with ten Ultra Balls."

"Very good, sir," nodded the employee, having gathered the requested packs of Poké Balls while Gavin was speaking. "Your total comes out to 2,000."

Gavin gave a low whistle. "Shiiiiit," he remarked. Then, however, he shrugged, fishing out his wallet and producing from within the necessary funds. "Meh. Nobody ever said Shiny hunting was cheap," he shrugged.

OOC: Buying the following;

x10 Quick Balls
x5 Net Balls
x5 Dusk Balls
x5 Timer Balls
x5 Nest Balls
x10 Ultra Balls

Comes to a total of 2,000. Thanks very much in advance.

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
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