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Chance and Gold both voiced their agreement that it was nice to meet Kawaii as well.

Keith smiled. "Gold's actually one of my older Pokémon," he said. "I hatched him many years ago, though back then, PC space was extremely restricted, so unfortunately, I ended up trading him away. Always regretted doing so. One day, however, the Trainer I traded him to contacted me about trading back- I had stumbled upon his Secret Base once, and me and Gold recognized each other immediately. It became obvious to Bill- that's the guy's name- that Gold and I missed each other, so he decided to let us reunite. And Chance," he added. "I traded a Gible to this Trainer named Ethan for this Squirtle- years ago I used to own a Wartortle, but for similar reasons to Gold, I gave up the Wartortle. Never saw it again, though. I saw this Squirtle as a second chance at training one, and that's where her name came from. Heh," he smiled, stroking his Blastoise's head. "Chance reminds me so much of Dad's Blastoise."

"Thank you," smiled Hermione. "It was tough learning to write when most sheets of paper are not much smaller than me, but I wasn't going to give up. I would teach Albus as well, except he plans to evolve, unlike me- and even then, no further than the Kakuna stage."

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