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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Meetan: On your mention of having a rather awkward run, Lauren begins to laugh, the loud, infectious tones reverberating around the surroundings and drawing her one or two strange looks from some of the tourists relaxing. She soon becomes embarrassed though, managing to bring her laughter somewhat under control as she wiped tears away from the edges of her eyes, some stray chuckles still breaking her breathing up here and there.

"Oh man, it's been a while since I've laughed that long. I think I needed it, so thanks. Don't worry, we can go more at your pace. I think your Lotad would prefer that anyway."

Mario seems a little downbeat on hearing this, the Poliwhirl visibly deflating, but he soon perks back up as he decides to stroll through the lapping waves rather than walk along the length of the beach. Despite moving at your own pace rather than the faster pelt Lauren no doubt could have set, you find yourself moving towards the rock ponds at an impressive pace, the number of tourists rapidly dying down just as Lauren suggested they would. Finally, you stand before the area she had intended to bring you to - numerous rock ponds stretched out before you, some dipping down into the shallow waters of the sea while others were cut off from the rocking waves, no doubt by a low tide. Turning to you,Lauren grins.

"So, what do you wanna do first? We could have a look around here for a while, I'm sure Lorrin would enjoy paddling in the pools. Alternatively, we could press a little deeper along the coast - we're more likely to come across Pokemon there. Your choice, though."
Hearing Lauren laugh the way she did brought a grin to Alice's face. She was no longer embarrassed by her own weakness given that she owned it, and so she wasn't offended. "I didn't think it was /that/ funny." The trainer remarked with a few laughs of her own, the Lotad joining in with a few odd chuckles of his own. His species were pretty weird in looks and sound, but Alice thought it was thoroughly endearing.

"I mean, we have time, so we can come back to the rock pools. I'd love to see what kind of Pokemon are on offer around here, anyway." She said. Alice did have a few water types already, including her Lotad, but even if she didn't catch one it'd be cool to see them all. Although it was a secret, Alice didn't think herself from the Pokemon world, and so everything always felt fascinating, exciting and new-- even moreso on a holiday! "So let's head on a bit further, and we can always paddle on the way back or another day."
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