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“Well I think our future friends aren’t far now!” Patches says as she stares at a flyer she had picked up from town. The only things she actually read on it were the words Eeveelutions, friendship, DNA, and the address provided. Those were the words that stood out as soon as she took a look at the paper and nothing else really mattered beyond that. “They had me at ‘DNA’! I’m just a sucker for all kinds of fruit and this flyer is talking about Delicious Nutritious Apple’s, Eevee’s, AND friendship!? Yes, please! Sign me right up!” Her face is beaming with joy as she wanders through the black swamp, completely unfazed by her surroundings. There is no way of knowing how she actually managed to find this place, she has been daydreaming so much all day that even she doesn’t know.

She reaches up to her shoulder and gives the snoring Eevee that is slumped over it a light pat on the back and then realizes one of her companions is missing. “Uh, Rika? Where is Kiku?” She says to the Espeon that is matching her pace beside her. Rika just shrugs a bit and doesn’t seem to really care one way or the other. “Hmm, well I suppose he does have a habit of wandering ahead a lot of the time. He’s probably just really excited about making friends with all of the other Eevee’s so he is rushing to get there.” She begins to quicken her pace in hopes of reuniting with Kiku soon.

It’s not long before she sees a little brown Eevee in the distance messing around with netting of some kind. “Oh! Looks like I was right! Kiku is really good at directions so I'm sure this is the place!” She runs up to Kiku who is currently gnawing away at the netting, it would seem he has already managed snapping the net in multiple places across the bottom and is in the process of working on more. “Ah! Kiku! Stop that!” Patches bends down to pull Kiku off the net, causing the sleeping Eevee on her shoulder to slide off and hit the ground with a light thud. “Oh, Momo! I’m so sorry!” Little Momo is now laying on the the muddy ground, belly up, with a look on his face that says he is wondering what he did to deserve this. Patches now has one hand on Kiku and is trying to pull him away but he is latched onto the net by his teeth. Meanwhile, she is reaching down with her other hand to pick the very upset Momo back up. She manages to grab Momo and puts him under her arm while continuing to pull on Kiku. “Come on Kiku…! Let.. GO!” That’s when the netting in his teeth snaps, causing Patches to rapidly stumble backwards. She attempts to regain her bearings but has no such luck. She falls right into some shallow water nearby, bringing Momo and Kiku along for the ride.

“Owww…” She is now sitting in the water, Kiku is splashing around excitedly to her right. She looks to her left and sees Momo’s body just lying there limp with his face completely submerged. “No! Momo!” She quickly pulls him out of the water and holds him out in front of her to make sure he is alright. “Ee…” Momo, who is dripping wet and muddy, lets out a little sound and appears to be very done with today already. “I’m glad you’re alright Momo!” She stands up and slings the mud covered Momo back over her shoulder. Kiku who is also now wet has found his way back to the net and has continued to chew on it. Rika has just been calmly laying by the netting, choosing to stay out of whatever you would call this situation. Patches sighs and reaches into her bag, pulling out a Pokeball and pressing the button, returning Kiku inside of it. “I think I’m going to just have to let him back out when I go to release Hana once we reach the top.” And with that she begins to climb the netting, fortunately, Kiku didn’t manage to break too much of it.

Momo stays firmly slumped over her shoulder the entire way and once she reaches the top, Rika seems to already be up there. “How did you get up here so fast?” She may never know. She immediately starts digging through her bag and pulls out two pokeballs and throws them releasing a shy looking Eevee and a Pikachu. “Oh, whoops! Sorry Mio!” She promptly returns Mio to her pokeball and pulls out a different ball and throws it, this time releasing another Eevee. “I got it right this time! Welcome back Kiku! Hana, we’ve arrived at the place I was telling you about that has the DNA!” Kiku is a bit annoyed with Patches for returning him so he walks away and stands with the trainer by the door. Hana promptly hides behind Patches and does her best to stay close. “Oh! I didn’t notice that there was someone else up here too!” She excitedly runs up to the door where the trainer is standing, forgetting that her clothes are very disheveled and dripping wet from her fall earlier. “Ahhhh, I’m so happy to meet someone else that loves DNA! I hope there is enough DNA here for everybody! If there isn’t don’t you worry, because I’d love to share some of my DNA with you!”

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