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♨ Bubbling Beach ♨


Hoping to find the perpetrators before the sun sets, the group returns with the ball to the beach. Before you can begin their search in earnest, though, you're met by the Seel, still waiting nervously by the dunes. The bold Seel's eyes light up upon your return.

"Oh, you found it!" she cheers, "Thank you so much!"

"It's a little worse for the wear, but at least it's still in one piece and not totally deflated," the timid Seel comments, taking the ball back from Peaches and fumbling with it a bit, managing to get the air hole opened and attempting to reinflate it a bit, unintentionally blowing raspberries with his big tongue.

"You should come to our alcove down the beach this evening so we can give you a proper reward for your help," the bolder Seel offers.

"Yeah, we'd love to have you!" the timid Seel chimes in.

This enthusiasm is short lived, however, as he looks over and prods his friend, noticing the approach of the Rough Customers.

"We gotta go - see you later!" he says, the two of them flopping off, beelining towards the waves for a quicker getaway.

With the Seels reunited with their ball, all that's left to deal with is the beach bullies, who have stopped their advance and are milling about a tide pool, likely up to no good. The Houndour and Corphish seem to be chatting, but Panpour is sitting alone, idly running a finger through the sand. With the beach still largely abandoned, they have no one to torment, but they're likely plotting their next scheme...
Dreamer | Sebastian | Peaches

Peaches hands over the treasured item, beaming as its rightful owners take it back into their possession. "Puff! Puuuuff!" she cries encouragingly, sounding more like a particular little Fairy than the sparkmouse she is in reality, and sticks her own tongue out in some sort of display of solidarity. Sebastian feels himself starting to sweat just a little, hoping the Seel won't be too sensitive about an... homage like that.

Fortunately for the nervous Mudkip, the Seel extend a kind invitation to the group instead and neither Seel seems perturbed... At least, until the gang of bullies reappear on the scene. Immediately, Dreamer's tail begins to twitch in agitation.

"Onto the next order of business then," she says in a low hiss.

"Now, Dreamer, let's not be too hasty in-"

But before Sebastian can even finish a single mollifying sentence, Dreamer stalks off towards the Rough Customers. Anxious to stop her before she can say something she won't be able to take back - Dreamer is unlikely to actually regret anything that comes out of her mouth - Sebastian hurries after her.

Unfazed, the Espeon marches up to the Houndour and Corphish, openly glowering. "We need to talk about your behaviour," she declares. "It's unacceptable."

Crouching alongside her, Sebastian continues to sweat. Still, if it should come to a fight, he expects he should be able to hold his own. It would just be nice if Dreamer didn't go out of her way to incite anything.

Meanwhile, little Peaches has been left with nothing much to do, her beach ball minding duty now over with. "Deemer and 'basshun" seem too occupied to play, and they look kind of grumpy at the moment anyway. She spots Panpour all alone and toddles over to the troubled young monkey.

"Hi!" she says brightly. "Draw?"

Without waiting for a response, she sticks her own mitteny paw in the sand, drawing her best big smilie face. (It's a bit wobbly, but recognisable enough.)

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