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Keith grinned. "Very happy," he confirmed. Aster blushed and smiled, not only at her Trainer's words, but also at Heather calling her cute. However, as they entered the living room, the conversation became a bit heavier, as Heather proceeded to apologize for her role in the battle against Stewie, citing herself and her team as little more than liabilities. Keith shook his head at this. "I don't see it that way," he responded. "You made an effort to face your fear when the fate of the world hung in the balance- that's bravery right there," he stated. "I didn't consider anyone there a liability that day, and that includes you and your team." Heather then went on to change the subject, asking if Keith wanted a snack. "Sure, sounds good to me," Keith agreed, going along with the change of subject without question.

"Uh huh," replied Anion as Magus mentioned Heather's desire for a Minun of her own. All Anion could think at this was that she might try and get the Plusle currently in the room and whatever Minun she ended up with to be a team, whether they wanted it or not. Of course, though, Anion thought, if she really just loved Electric-types, then perhaps her desire for a Minun was not merely due to a desire to "complete the set". Maybe she just really wanted a Minun for what they are individually.

Ryuko suggested soccer, though Magus reminded her that soccer generally required teams of more than one. The Misdreavus voiced the possibility of a battle, though cited Ryuko's Lightning Rod Ability as the reason why such a battle would amount to little more than an exchange of Quick Attacks. "Heh," smirked Anion. "I dunno about that. Keith already taught me a powerful move, something Lightning Rod's completely useless against," she said, no small amount of pride in her voice. "If you'd be up for a battle, so would I," she grinned.

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