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Keith, who was still in the same room as Kawaii, saw that Cassiopia and Pomona were headed back their way, along with a pair of Water-types. "Oh, hey," Keith grinned at the sight of his Blastoise and Feraligatr. "Kawaii, you probably saw these two before, but yeah- this is Gold, my Feraligatr, and Chance, my Blastoise."

"Gatooor!" Gold exclaimed, greeting Kawaii happily.

"Blaaastoise," rumbled Chance.

"Nice to meet you as well," Hermione responded with a polite bow. "I do see why my son asked about your fur, though," she added. "You see my tail stinger?" she asked, indicating her tail stinger- unlike on most Weedle, Hermione's tail stinger was jet black. "This happened over time- I dip my tail stinger in ink and use it as a pen to take notes. I did this so often that the ink eventually stopped washing out."

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