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Telpo smiled as Keith let him know that he'd inform Millicent and Willow.
"Thank you, I can rest easy now." The Abra chimed.

Once Keith had left, Jake turned his attention to Telpo. "Ok..r-ready to head out?"

"You bet master." Telpo replied.

With that, the pair made their way out of the building. Though their time in Hagane City had certainly been exciting, both Telpo and Jake couldn't wait to leave the city and continue their journey.
Little did the two know their day had only started, and yet another adventure was about to unfold!
CPA - Meeting Room
"Sophie, come on in." Zack greeted as Sophie opened the door to the meeting room.
Giving a nod, Sophie entered the room, before noticing that it was only Zack and her.
"Huh? Where are the others? I thought you said some other members were also going to be here." Sophie said.

"They'll be here shortly, but while you're here..mine as brief you on what's happening." Zack replied.
"It's recently come to our attention that Team Catalyst has set their eyes on a certain device, one that is able to capture any and every Pokemon."

"Let me guess, they want to use it to capture Project X?" Sophie questioned.

"That's my best guess, yes. Now, you and another group of agents are going to go to the location of this device, and prevent it from falling into Team Catalyst's hands, simple enough, right?"
"Yeah, sounds pretty simple." Sophie nodded. "So, where is this device?"

To this, Zack gave a small smile, before speaking up. "Tell me, have you heard of the Amperet Museum?"

(As of this post, this entire story has been archived in my Visionary Glade, which can be found here.)
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