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Team Catalysts Final Stand! Part 1

It was funny, despite the dire circumstances, the day carried on like any other. The sound of a boat cutting through the open waters. The sounds of Wingull overhead. It was so calm..peaceful even. wasn't the time to stop and enjoy the sounds of nature. They had come here for a to cast Team Catalyst away from this world forever.

"Jake, are you ok? You've been awfully quiet since we set sail." Turtwig said as he approached the teen.

"Huh? Oh..i-it's nothing." Jake murmured. "It's just...I-I'm a all. I guess I...didn't fully r-realize how high the stakes were..until talking to everyone."

After they had set sail, Jake had taken the time to brief every single one of his Pokemon on the situation. With how many he had, and how small the ship was, Jake was only able to tell a handful at a time.
But what had really surprised him..was that every last one of them had agreed to fight, should the need arise. Even Milo and Aco agreed on following his orders. It was in that moment that he realized just how serious the situation had become.

"I see...well..just remember we're all in this together, right?" Turtwig replied. "I'm sure everything will be just fine..we've got this."

"..Thanks, Turtwig. I-I think I needed that." Jake murmured.
With a firm nod, Turtwig left Jake's side, scurrying off to join the rest of his group.

But Turtwig's presence was soon replaced by Hazel and Telpo. After Jake had explained what was going on to the Eevee, Hazel had insisted to stay with the group. The two had been helping Zack with navigating the open waters, so there presence meant...

"Master, Zack says we're almost there." Telpo chimed.
"H-he said you should t-take a look up f-front." Hazel added.
Giving the pair a nod, Jake made his way to the front of the ship, Telpo and Hazel following shortly behind.

Up at the front deck, Jake immediately spotted Tyler and Sophie, it seemed the two were already checking out whatever Zack wanted them to.

Looking ahead, Jake could spot a massive white tower, which cast a large shadow on the forest below. At the very top seemed to be a dome, though it's purpose was something that Jake could only guess.

"Whoa, that's their base?!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Indeed, though it's not quite as big inside, as it appears from here." Zack replied. "You see, each floor has a massive ceiling, in order for a Pokemon of any size to fit."

"I-it's incredible..." Jake murmured.

"It is. Unfortunately for us, Chris's office is at the very top, in that dome. If I had to guess, I'd say that's where they're keeping that special Pokeball." Zack explained.

"And because of that dome, we can't just fly in, right?" Telpo questioned.

"That would be right. We can't exactly teleport to the top we're going to have to go in the old fashioned way." Zack replied, steering the boat towards a nearby dock as he did so.

Once parked, the group disembarked from the boat, before turning to Zack, waiting to hear what he had to say.

"Alright, we're here...this is Kairyu island." Zack said upon planting his feet on the ground.
"Now, Team Catalyst's security must have spotted our boat, so we don't have much time. Jake, Tyler..I want you two to scout out the entrance, see if there's anyone guarding the front doors, got it?"

"Leave it to me." Tyler nodded.
"Y-yeah..we've got this." Jake added.

"Alright, Telpo, Zack and I will stay here." Sophie replied.
With nothing more to say, Jake, Tyler, and Hazel began to walk through the countless oak trees, and towards the Catalyst tower...
"This is going to be awesome! What do you think we're going to find in there? Maybe we can grab some call technology if we find it!" Tyler exclaimed as he pushed his way through tree branches.

"You know..t-this isn't a silly adventure...w-we're breaking into...a criminal teams headquarters." Jake replied, copying Sophie's earlier words.

"Yeah I know that, obviously." Tyler scoffed. "I'm just saying if we find anything of interest..well, maybe it can be of use."

"Fair enough...I-I guess." Jake said, before reaching a clearing. Little light could be seen, despite the lack of trees. Looking to the right, it was easy to see why. Blocking most of the sunlight was a gigantic white tower, at it's entrance stood two Catalyst Grunts.
Though Jake didn't recognize one of them, the other was very to familiar to Jake. It was Charlotte, the grunt Jake had impersonated back at Hagane City!

"Alright..l-let's report back to Zack." Jake whispered.

"What? No, are you crazy? Zack would obviously want us to dispatch them, then report back." Tyler replied.

"N-no..I don't th-" Jake began, before Tyler charged ahead, making his words completely pointless. Why did this seem so familiar?
Well there was no point staying behind now. Letting out a sigh, Jake made his way towards the grunts, Hazel following close behind.

"Alright Team Catalyst, it's time you were taught a lesson!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Oh look Charlotte, it seems we have an intruder on our hands." The first grunt said, seeming way too disinterested for what was happening.

"Kevin, it's him! That's the guy that Steven said was impersonating me!" Charlotte exclaimed, pointing at Jake.

"For real? That's the guy Steven was crying about?" Kevin questioned.

"I guess so. But that doesn't matter! You two think you can trespass here and get away with it? We'll destroy you!" Charlotte exclaimed.

"Bring. It. On. We can take grunts like you on all day!" Tyler exclaimed, before tossing a Pokeball into the air. From the ball emerged a strange spherical, rodent like Pokemon. In response, Jake quickly scanned the strange Pokemon with his Pokedex.

"Togedemaru, the Roly-Poly Pokémon. An Electric and Steel type." The Pokedex droned. " The spiny fur on its back is normally at rest. When this Pokémon becomes agitated, its fur stands on end and stabs into its attackers."

"Alright Heracross, let's go!" Kevin exclaimed, chucking a Pokeball in front of him. Emerging from the ball was the single horn Pokemon, who seemed quite eager to fight.

"This is for impersonating me. Swellow, you're up!" Charlotte called, sending out the swallow Pokemon.

Rummaging through his bag, Jake pulled out a regular Pokeball, before tossing it in the air. From the ball materialized...another Pokeball? No, it Bakudan the Voltorb!

"Alright Bakudan..I-I need you to take these guys out...a-and fast. Think you can do that?" Jake asked.

"Affirmative, these freaks won't know what hit them." Bakudan replied.

"Alright. Bakudan use Tackle, t-then Shock Wave! Both on Swellow!" Jake ordered.

"Togedemaru, use Spark on Swellow, follow with Rollout!" Tyler exclaimed.

"Heracross. Brick break on Togedemaru, Mega Horn on Voltorb." Kevin said.

"Swellow, Quick Attack on Voltorb, next use Aerial Ace on Togedemaru!" Charlotte barked.

Starting things off, Swellow flew towards Bakudan as quick as it could, before slamming into the ball Pokemon!

In retaliation, Bakudan rammed into Swellow, dealing a small amount of damage to the swallow Pokemon.

Togedemaru was the next to act! Surrounding itself in a veil of sparks, Togedemaru slammed into Swellow, sending it flying back!

Meanwhile, Heracross ran towards Togedemaru, striking the roly-poly Pokémon with an open hand!

Once again Swellow flew towards it's opponent at a high speed. At the last second, Swellow flew around Togedemaru, before striking it from the side!

But in doing so, Swellow left itself wide open to attack! Taking advantage of this, Togedemaru began to roll towards Swellow, slowly picking up speed as it went! The roly-poly Pokemon then struck the swallow Pokemon, causing it to cry out in pain!

But Swellow wasn't in the clear quite yet. Bakudan began to gather electrical energy creating a blue orb of it in front of her. From the orb, a wave of electricity shot out towards Swellow, following the swallow Pokemon, before striking it with a powerful shock!

With Bakudan distracted with Swellow, Heracross began to charge towards the Voltorb, it's horn glowing with energy! The single horn Pokemon then rammed into Bakudan, sending the Voltorb flying backwards.

"Ok Heracross, Close Combat on Togedemaru, Night Slash on Voltorb." Kevin said.

"Swellow use Brave Bird on Togedemaru, then follow with Air Slash!" Charlotte barked.

"O-ok Bakudan, use Sonic Boom...then Shock Wave. Both on Swellow!" Jake ordered.

"Keep using Rollout on Swellow, Togedemaru!" Tyler exclaimed.

Once again Swellow was the first to act! Surrounding itself in flying energy, the swallow Pokemon flew high up into the air. Swellow then dove towards it's target, it's body covered in a bright blue aura!

At the same time, Togedemaru continued to roll towards Swellow. The two attacks collided, but the roly-poly Pokemon proved to be stronger, with a cry Swellow was sent flying backwards!

Taking advantage of this, Bakudan sent out waves of sound energy towards Swellow, striking the swallow Pokemon and dealing a small amount of damage to it.

Heracross was the next to act. The single horn Pokemon charged towards the rolling Togedemaru, before striking it over and over with it's arms. In doing so, Heracross left it's defense in shambles. From now on, any physical attack was bound to do more damage to the single horn Pokemon!

Angered by Bakudan and Togedemaru's assault, Swellow swung it's wing at Togedemaru, sending a blade of air towards the roly-poly Pokemon!
But Togedemaru was too fast, and effortlessly spun out of the attacks way, before leaping into the air, still spinning as fast as ever!
Togedemaru then slammed into Swellow's back, sending both Pokemon crashing into the ground!

Once Togedemaru leaped off of it's opponent, it was clear to see that Swellow wasn't getting up...

Meanwhile, with Swellow out of commission, Bakudan set her sights on Heracross! Once again Bakudan began to gather electrical energy creating a blue orb of it in front of her. From the orb, a wave of electricity flew out towards Heracross, chasing the single horn Pokemon, before hitting it with a a bolt of electricity!

In retaliation, Heracross swung at Bakudan with a horn covered in dark energy!

"Swellow, return!" Charlotte called, returning Swellow to it's ball. She then grabbed a second Pokeball, before tossing it in front of her. From the ball emerged a Yanma, who flew over to take Swellow's place.

"Ok Bakudan..u-use Charge, then Shock Wave on Heracross!" Jake ordered.

"Togedemaru use Wild Charge and Spark on Heracross!" Tyler shouted.

"Brick Break on Togedemaru, then Mega Horn on Voltorb." Kevin said, before letting out a loud yawn.

"Yanma use Hidden Power on Voltorb, then use it once more on Togedemaru!" Charlotte barked.

This time it was Bakudan who started the round off! The Voltorb began to charge up electricity, almost as if she was ready to attack! Instead, the ball Pokemon stored the electricity within her body, prepared for when she decided to attack next!

Eager to begin, Yanma began to channel a power from within itself, and soon three orbs started to float around the clear wing Pokemon. Each orb appeared to have come from the earth! The orbs then shot out towards Bakudan, striking the Voltorb and dealing a ton of damage!

The next to act was Togedemaru! Surrounding itself in electricity, Togedemaru recklessly charged towards Heracross, slamming into the single horn Pokemon with all it's might!

In retaliation, Heracross struck the roly-poly Pokemon with an open hand, sending it flying backwards!

Taking advantage of this, Yanma once again began to channel it's power hidden deep within, before sending the orbs of energy flying towards Togedemaru! The roly-poly Pokemon let out a cry as the super effective sent an intense amount of pain throughout it's body.
The Yanma's attack proved to be too much for Togedemaru, the roly-poly Pokemon toppling over in defeat.

Meanwhile, Bakudan sent out another shock wave, using her previously charged energy to boost it's power! Once again the blue electricity homed in on Heracross, before striking it with a powerful shock!

In return, Heracross charged at Bakudan, smashing into the Voltorb with a glowing horn.

"Togedemaru return!" Tyler called, returning the roly-poly Pokemon to it's Pokeball.
"You were great out there, now leave the rest to me." Tyler said, taking out a second Pokeball and throwing it in front of him.
From the Pokeball emerged a mighty Zebstrika, the thunderbolt Pokemon appeared to be quite eager to battle!

As Tyler sent out his signature Pokemon, Jake took the time to examine the Pokemon on the battle field. Yanma had yet to have been hit, and seemed full of energy. Heracross appeared to be in a much worse state then it's teammate, but nothing compared to Bakudan.
The Voltorb seemed to be hanging on by a thread...even one attack would surely end her. With this in mind, Jake knew what he had to do.

"Ok Heracross, Seismic Toss on Voltorb, Mega Horn on Zebstrika." Kevin said.

"Yanma, use Quick Attack on Zebstrika, then Bug Buzz!" Charlotte shouted.

"Alright..l-let's go out with a bang, Bakudan! Once Heracross g-grabs you, use Explosion!" Jake ordered.

"Explosion, huh? Alright then Zebstrika, once Yanma uses Quick Attack, go for a Protect!" Tyler exclaimed.

Starting things off, Yanma flew towards Zebstrika at an astounding rate, striking the thunderbolt Pokemon and dealing some light damage.

The next to move was Zebstrika! After gathering some energy, the thunderbolt Pokemon erected a blue dome around itself!

Meanwhile, Heracross charged towards Bakudan, grabbing hold of the ball Pokemon and preparing to toss it!
At that moment, Bakudan let out all of her energy, creating a large explosion!
The powerful attack not only engulfed Heracross and Bakudan, but Yanma and Zebstrika as well! Not only that, but the power of the attack caused a smokescreen to be cast onto the battlefield. Once the smoke lifted, both Bakudan and Heracross could be seen on the ground, both unable to move.

"Bakudan..return!" Jake called, before returning the ball Pokemon to her Pokeball. "Y-you were great. Now rest up well."
"Heracross return." Kevin said, returning the single horn Pokemon to it's ball. The Catalyst grunt then tossed another Pokeball into the air. From the ball materialized a strange reptilian Pokémon with countless scales covering it's body.
Confused, Jake took out his Pokedex, before scanning the strange creature.
"Hakamo-o, the scaly Pokemon. A Dragon and Fighting type." The Pokedex droned.
"It leaps at its prey with a courageous shout. Its scaly punches tear its opponents to shreds."

Putting away his Pokedex, Jake grabbed another regular Pokeball from his bag, before tossing it into the air. From the ball appeared a Tynamo, who began to quickly survey her surroundings.

"Oh! My first battle! I guess it's time to put my research to the test!" Elena chirped.

"Ok Elena, u-use Charge Beam on Yanma, then Spark!" Jake ordered.

"Zebstrika use Flame Charge on Yanma, then follow with Double Edge on Hakamo-o!" Tyler shouted.

"Hakamo-o, Dragon Claw on Tynamo, Brick Break on Zebstrika." Kevin said.

"Yanma, Quick Attack and Bug Buzz, both on Tynamo!" Charlotte barked.

Starting things off, Yanma flew towards Elena at an astounding rate, striking the Tynamo and dealing some light damage.

The next to act was Zebstrika. Surrounding itself in a veil of flames, the thunderbolt Pokemon charged at Yanma, smashing into the clear wing Pokemon and sending it flying backwards! Due to the nature of the attack, Zebstrika also felt much lighter on it's feet, improving it's already impressive speed!

Angered by Yanma's earlier assault, Elena began to charge up lot's of electricity, before firing a narrow beam of it at Yanma, striking it and dealing some solid damage. If that wasn't enough, it seemed that Elena had charged up a bit too much electricity. Thinking quickly, the Tynamo reabsorbed the energy, increasing the power of her special attacks!

Next up was Hakamo-o. The scaly Pokemon lunged at Elena, striking the Tynamo with a claw surrounded in draconic energy!

Ready to go once again, Zebstrika recklessly charged towards Hakamo-o, it's own safety entirely forgotten. The thunderbolt Pokemon then slammed into Hakamo-o, causing the scaly Pokemon to cry out in pain!

In retaliation, Hakamo-o swung it's arm at Zebstrika, striking the thunderbolt Pokemon with an open hand!

Meanwhile, Yanma flew over to Elena, before beating it's wings even faster then before. From it's wings green sounds waves shot out, washing over Elena and dealing a large amount of damage to the Tynamo!

But Elena was far from done! Surrounding herself in a veil of electricity, Elena flew towards Yanma, ramming into the clear wing Pokemon with all her might!
This proved to be too much for Yanma, who let out a final cry, before falling to the ground!

"Yanma, no!" Charlotte cried, returning the clear wing Pokemon to it's Pokeball.
"Damn...that was last Pokemon! No wonder Steven struggled to beat these guys."
"If you're all out of about you report to the boss, I'll take care of this." Kevin said.
"Right." Charlotte nodded, before turning to Jake.
"You...I'll remember this! Next time I'll wipe the floor with you!" With that, Charlotte scrambled through the front doors, and into Team Catalyst's base.

That wasn't good. If Charlotte was going to report to Chris about their presence, that meant that they were going to have to end the fight quickly!

"Hakamo-o, Dragon Claw and Aerial Ace, both on Zebstrika." Kevin said.

"Elena...use Tackle, t-then Charge Beam!" Jake ordered.

"Double Edge then Giga Impact Zebstrika, let's go!" Tyler exclaimed.

Starting the round off, Zebstrika charged towards Hakamo-o, disregarding it's own safety in the process. The thunderbolt then slammed into the scaly, dealing a severe amount, but also hurting itself in the process!

Not willing to let Zebstrika do all the work, Elena flung herself at Hakamo-o, striking the scaly Pokemon with all her weight!

Angered by Zebstrika's earlier attack, Hakamo-o surrounded it's claw in draconic energy, before swinging it at the thunderbolt Pokemon!

In retaliation, Zebstrika began to gather an extreme amount of energy, a blue spiral forming around it's body as it do so! Zebstrika then began to charge towards Hakamo-o, slow gaining speed as it made it's towards it's opponent!
The thunderbolt Pokemon then slammed into Hakamo-o, the full force of it's attack behind it!
This proved to be too much for the scaly Pokemon, who let a loud shriek, before toppling over!

"Hakamo-o return." Kevin said, returning the scaly to it's Pokeball.
" seems you two have beaten me, congrats I guess." Kevin said, letting out a small sigh.
"I'm just going to go, have fun with the whole trespassing thing."
With that, the Catalyst grunt entered the tower, leaving Tyler and Jake to themselves.

"Oh yeah, we cleaned up!" Tyler exclaimed.
"R-right. Now let's go report back." Jake replied, returning Elena to her Pokeball as he did so.

"That won't be necessary, I'm sure you idiots have done enough." A voice rang in the trainer's heads.
Entering the clearing was Zack and the group, Duosion looking less then impressed with Jake and Tyler.
"Jake,'s good to see you're ok." Zack smiled.
"After you didn't report back, we got kind of worried, so we went looking for you. Sophie added. "So what's the scoop? What took you guys so long?"

"Tyler...he umm..g-got us caught a battle." Jake replied.

"Way to go Tyler! Didn't Zack here say to report back and not engage the enemy?" Duosion questioned.

"Now now Duosion, what's done is done..there's no use dwelling on it now." Zack said.
"Considering there's no guards, does that mean they went inside?" Turtwig questioned, Telpo quickly translating his question.
"Yeah." Jake nodded.

"Well then, we haven't much time, let's get going." Zack said, before entering the building, the others following close behind.
Once inside, Jake couldn't help but gasp. Despite what Zack had said on the boat, the size of the interior was gigantic! But now wasn't the time to admire it, they had other things to worry about!
Looking around, it appeared the group has arrived at a waiting room. There was a receptionists desk, as well as many small chairs scattered throughout the room. To Jake's left and right was a large archway, leading to even more rooms. A third one could be seen straight ahead, leading to a large hallway.

"Alright, which way are we going Zack?" Telpo questioned.

"I uh...actually don't know." Zack replied.

"What?! You said you worked here though!" Tyler exclaimed. "How can you not know where to go?"

"Yes's been a number of years, alright? I guess we have no choice but to split up." Zack said.

"Split up? That never goes well." Turtwig said.

"I agree with Turtwig, spliting up will make it easier for Team Catalyst to overwhelm us." Telpo added.

"Well, what choice do we have? We won't have time to check every single way as a group. We have to work as quick as possible." Sophie said.

"Alright fine, maybe spliting up is our best option." Turtwig conceded. "So what are the groups?"

"Right. Well I was thinking, Sophie and Tyler can take the right side, Duosion, Turtwig's group, and I can take the left, while Jake takes the middle." Zack said. "Is everyone ok with that?"

"Sounds good to me." Sophie smiled.
"Me too! Come on Sophie, let's get going, we have a world to save!" Tyler exclaimed, before running through the right arch, Zebstrika right behind him.
"Tyler, wait up! Hold on!" Sophie called, chasing after Tyler.

With the two gone, Zack turned his attention to Jake.
"Sorry you don't get a partner. I figured since you have the most Pokemon out of all of us, that you'd be fine on your own." Zack explained.

"I-it's ok. I understand." Jake replied.

"Here, I wanted to give you this." Zack said, handing Jake a black bracelet.

"Thanks...b-but what's it for?" Jake questioned.

"Well..after you left yesterday..I uhh..managed to find it. You remember that device I mentioned? The one that stopped Project X's mind co-" Zack began.

"Wait! T-then this is..this is the device?!" Jake exclaimed.

"It is. I know how horrific it is...but considering it's already charged...mine as well put it to good use. We don't know what kind of traps Team Catalyst has in store for us, so best be sure." Steven explained.

"Ok.." Jake murmured, not too keen on the prospect of using such a terrible device. Upon pressing the power button on the bracelet, a faint dark aura surrounded Jake, letting him know the device was working.

"Oh last thing. Would you mind if I borrowed Telpo?" Zack asked. "It's important."

"Telpo? Umm...I-I don't know...what do you think Telpo?" Jake asked.

"If you're ok with it master, I'd be fine with helping." The Abra chimed.

"Ok then...umm........s-sure. I'll lend you Telpo." Jake stammered, handing the Abra's Pokeball to Zack.

"Thank you. I promise I'll return him to you safe and sound." Zack smiled.
"Now let's get going, Telpo, Turtwig and friends...we must hurry." Zack said, before exiting the room, the others right behind him.

"Y-you...didn't want Telpo to leave..d-did you?" Hazel questioned.
"Perceptive as always Hazel." Jake smiled. "But you're right...I didn't want Telpo to go. But...t-that's selfish right? I mean Zack...h-he needed Telpo's help. Maybe I'm...a bit too reliant on Telpo i-is all."

Hazel said nothing to this, instead looking to the floor, feeling slightly guilty at having brought the topic up.

"Well, let's get going. W-we don't have much time." Jake said.
With Hazel at his feet, the two made there way through the center archway, wondering just what was in store for them within the tower.
Going down the long hallway, Jake glanced into each room he passed by. Kitchens, barracks, laboratories..each and every room seemed to have a purpose. But there was one thing Jake noticed was missing as he passed more and more rooms. People.
After Jake and the others had entered the building, he hadn't seen a single person, or even a Pokemon that belonged to Team Catalyst. Where had they all gone? This was supposed to be Team Catalyst's main why was no one here? Zack had said that Chris's office was on the top floor...had they all made their way there?
As Jake continued to ponder this, the pair reached the end of the hallway. To his left and right was a door..the question was, which one was the correct one? Taking a wild guess, Jake grabbed the left door, slowly opening it, before peering inside.
The door led to what appeared to be a large laboratory. Various types of equipment could be seen scattered across the room, as if suddenly abandoned, and yet...there was still no sight of anyone.
With the laboratory leading nowhere, Jake went over to the right door, revealing another hallway behind it. This one was different then the previous one though. Instead of the white tile floor the previous hallway sported, this one had a clay floor. Was this used as a battle grounds? Jake couldn't really be sure.
What he could be sure of is what he spotted at the end of the hallway. It was a tall set of stairs, spiraling up higher into the tower! It seemed Zack had sent him on the right path after all. With renewed confidence, Jake sprinted towards the stairs, eager to move higher up the tower. But just before he could reach the stairs, a Mawile leaped out at him! Thinking quickly, Jake hopped to the side, narrowly escaping an Iron Head attack!

"Not so fast Jake Eclair, I'm afraid you're not going anywhere." A voice called out from behind him. Turning around, Jake spotted the owner of the voice.
The man was easily recognizable to Jake, for he had seen him only yesterday. The man was wearing a black lab coat, and bore a striking resemblance to Zack, though Jake now knew why that was.

"Steven..." Jake murmured as the Catalyst admin approached him.

"Breaking into Hagane Labs and destroying my hard work wasn't enough for you, huh? Now you're here to stop us once and for all, is that right?" Steven questioned. "Because I can't let that happen."

"O-of course. I will not sit by as Team Catalyst...a-as you attempt to complete y-your nefarious goals." Jake replied.

"Is that so? Tell me Jake...what do you have against this world? Why do you hate this world? Hate it so much as to want to throw it into chaos?" Steven questioned.

"Y-you've got it all wrong!" Jake exclaimed. "Team Catalyst is the one...t-they want to destroy this world!"

"I knew you'd say that." Steven said, letting out an audible sigh.
"Very well. If you're still convinced Team Catalyst are the bad guys...then we have no choice but to battle. But I'm warning you Jake, I won't be holding back this time. I won't let anyone take this world..the one that I hold so dear!"

Elite Catalyst Admin Steven Hagane appeared!


"Alright, Bubbles, you're up!" Jake called as he tossed a Pokeball into the air. From the ball materialized the Corphish, who snapped her claws at her opponent, showing that she was ready to fight.
"Ok Bubbles..I-I need you to give it your all. Y-you can do that, right?" Jake questioned.
"You bet!" Bubbles replied. She was all too eager to teach Team Catalyst a lesson. They had kidnapped her..forcefully taken her away from those she loved..and she wasn't going to let them get away with it!

"Alright, then let's do this. Bubbles...s-start with Dragon Dance, then Bubble Beam!" Jake ordered.

"Mawile use Crunch, then go for Fairy Wind!" Steven barked.

Eager to begin, Mawile lunged at Bubbles, using it's large jaws to snap at the Corphish!

Instead of attacking back, Bubbles instead opted to perform a mythical dance. The power of the dance gave strength to the ruffian Pokemon, increasing both her strength, and her speed!

But Bubbles wasn't finished yet! With her new found speed, the Corphish opened up her clawing, sending a beam of bubbles out from them and towards Mawile! Unable to react in time, Mawile cried out as the bubbles sent waves of pain through it's body as they each popped!
The water type attack seemed to be doing more damage then usual, perhaps it was because of Bubbles Adaptability?

In retaliation, Mawile sent out a sparking wind of fairy energy Bubbles way! The wind washed over the Corphish, dealing a light amount of damage to her.

"Mawile, Sucker Punch then go for Play Rough!" Steven barked.

"Bubbles...u-use Dragon Dance again..then Bubble Beam." Jake ordered.

This time it was Bubbles who moved first! Once again the Corphish began to perform a mythical dance, further heightening her speed and strength!
With Bubbles not coming anywhere near the deceiver Pokemon, Mawile had no choice but to give up on it's attempt at a sucker punch, instead Mawile charged towards Bubbles, ready to perform it's next attack!

Just before the Mawile reached her, Bubbles hopped out of the way! With it's target gone, Mawile was left wide open to attack. Taking advantage of this, Bubbles sent another stream of bubbles towards Mawile, scoring a direct hit on the deceiver Pokemon!

"Ok Bubbles..n-now it's time to get in close. Use Strength, then Strength again!" Jake ordered.

"Mawile, when Corphish gets close use Seismic Toss, the Thunder Fang!" Steven bellowed.

Starting things off, Bubbles charged towards Mawile at a high speed, her entire body glowing white with power!
As the Corphish rammed into Mawile, the deceiver Pokemon stumbled back. Mawile hadn't expected it's opponent to be so powerful! Focusing on it's trainers orders, Mawile grabbed onto Bubbles with it's large jaws! The deceiver then jumped into the air, before smashing Bubbles into the ground!
But Mawile wasn't finished yet! Coating it's jaws in electricity, the deceiver Pokemon descended upon Bubbles, sinking it's electrified teeth into the Corphish and scoring a direct hit in the process!

In retaliation, Bubbles rammed into Mawile once again, causing the deceiver Pokemon to fall backwards, before slowly rising to it's feet.

Both Pokemon seemed to be on their last legs..the next round was going to decide which one would emerge victorious!

"Let's end this Mawile! Use Play Rough! If that's not enough, follow with Thunder Fang!" Steven barked.

"Bubbles, u-use Bubble Beam, then Endeavor." Jake ordered.

Hoping to end things as soon as possible, Bubbles sent a wave of bubbles at her opponent! The bubbles popped as they touch Mawile's body, though the attack was not enough to finish the deceiver Pokemon off!

In retaliation, Mawile dove at the ruffian Pokemon, dealing a series of powerful blows to the Corphish.

But Bubbles managed to hang on, a sense of determination flowing through her. In a last ditch effort, Bubbles began to flail around, using her rage to boost the power of her attack!
This proved to be too much for Mawile, who let out a loud shriek before falling over!

"Mawile, return!" Steven called out, before returning the deceiver Pokemon to it's Pokeball. Wasting no time, Steven threw a second Pokeball onto the battlefield. From the ball emerged the sword blade Pokemon, Bisharp!

"Bubbles, use X-Scissor, t-then Bubble Beam!" Jake ordered.

"Bisharp finish this with Night Slash!" Steven bellowed.

With the last of her strength, Bubbles raced towards Bisharp, both her claws covered in bug energy. Crossing both claws, Bubbles slammed each of them into Bisharp! With the Corphish having her strength boosted twice, the attack left quite the mark on Bisharp!

In retaliation, the sword blade coated one of it's blades in a dark aura, before swinging it at Bubbles, striking the ruffian pokemon and causing her to topple over!

"Bubbles, return." Jake said, returning the Corphish to her Pokeball.
"Y-you were great out rest well."

Bisharp was a steel the easy answer to that was a ground type. But which one? There was the Gible twins...but each of them only knew tackle. There was also Dusty...but Jake didn't want to use her quite yet. Who knew if she was going to be needed later? That just left one ground type left, and Jake knew he'd be perfect for the job!

"Alright...Seiteki l-let's go!" Jake exclaimed as he tossed a regular Pokeball into the air. From the ball emerged the Stunfisk, who managed to give his opponent a small smirk, before laying flat on the ground.

"Ok've got this..I-I believe in you!" Jake called to the Stunfisk.
"O-ok...I-I'll do my best." Seiteki stammered. In truth, he was fully confident in his abilities, his stammer only meant to mock his trainer. But Jake didn't need to know that, right? After his training with Aco, the Stunfisk was sure the battle ahead would be an easy one!

"Bisharp, Night Slash and Brick Break, let's go!" Steven barked.

"Seiteki, s-start with Shock Wave, then follow with Earth Power!" Jake called out to the Stunfisk.

Starting the round off was Bisharp, the sword blade Pokemon quickly charging towards Seiteki. With one of it's blades covered in a dark aura, Bisharp swung at the trap Pokemon, landing a solid hit!

In retaliation, Seiteki began to gather electrical energy creating a blue orb of it in front of him. From the orb, a wave of electricity shot out towards Bisharp, following the sword blade Pokemon, before striking it with a powerful shock!

Bisharp then lunged at Seiteki, striking the Stunfisk with it's arm!

Ready for his next attack, Seiteki sent waves of ground energy into the ground below, causing it to crack and glow! The effects of Seiteki's attack continued to make their way across the arena, before erupting right under Bisharp's feet! The sword blade Pokemon let out a shriek as the super effective attack sent waves of pain through out it's body!

"L-let's keep it up, Seiteki! Start with Mud Slap, t-then Earth Power once more!" Jake ordered.

"Bisharp, go for Night Slash, then Poison Jab!" Steven bellowed.

Once again Bisharp covered one of it's blades in a dark aura, before slashing at Seiteki, striking the Stunfisk and sending the trap Pokemon flying back! But not all was well for the sword blade seemed that that latest attack had triggered Seiteki's Static ability, leaving Bisharp paralyzed!

Seizing the opportunity to attack, Seiteki spat out a small amount of mud at his opponent! Bisharp tried to retaliate, but was unable due to the effects of paralysis!
With Bisharp stuck, Seiteki began to prepare his next attack! Once again the Stunfisk pumped ground energy into the floor, causing it to crack with energy, before erupting under Bisharp's feet!

"Bisharp, Facade, then Facade again!" Steven barked.

"Let's f-finish this Seiteki! Use Water Gun, follow with Earth Power!" Jake ordered.

With Bisharp struggling with the effects of paralysis, Seiteki was the first to act!
Gathering a small amount of water energy in his mouth, the Stunfisk shot a jet of water at Bisharp, hitting the sword blade Pokemon and dealing a small amount of damage!

Fed up with the assault from it's opponent, Bisharp found the strength to charge towards Seiteki! In an act of rage, Bisharp slammed it's arm into the trap Pokemon, it's rage only further fueling the attacks power!

In retaliation, Seiteki pumped the ground with even more energy! The energy flowed through the ground, before erupting under Bisharp's feet!
This proved to be too much for the sword blade Pokemon, who let out a final cry, before falling to the ground!

"Bisharp, return!" Steven called out, returning the sword blade Pokemon to it's Pokeball.
"Alright Lucario, you're next!" Steven exclaimed as he tossed another Pokeball into the arena. From the ball materialized the aura Pokemon, who let out a menacing growl upon making eye contact with Jake.

"Ok Seiteki, let's use Mud Slap, f-follow with Shock Wave!" Jake ordered.

"Let's keep our distance Lucario! Use Aura Sphere, then Dragon Pulse!" Steven barked.

Drawing from it's aura, Lucario created a sphere of energy, before firing it at Seiteki. The ball of energy homed in on the Stunfisk, before striking the trap Pokemon and causing him to fly back slightly!
In retaliation, Seiteki spat out a small amount of mud, dealing a decent amount of damage to Lucario!

For it's next attack, Lucario began to gather draconic energy into it's hands. The aura Pokemon then shot a wave of the energy in front of it, causing the energy to crash into Seiteki.

Seiteki once again began to gather electrical energy creating a blue orb of it in front of him. From the orb, a bolt of electricity shot out, homing in on Lucario before giving the aura Pokemon a shock!

"Lucario let's finish this! Quick Attack, followed by Bone Rush!" Steven bellowed.

"Seiteki, Flail, t-then Earth Power!" Jake called out to the Stunfisk.

Starting things off, Lucario charged towards Seiteki at an incredible speed! The aura Pokemon then slammed into the Stunfisk, dealing some small damage to Seiteki. But the Stunfisk wasn't out yet, and lunged at Lucario in an act of desperation! Fueled by his rage, Seiteki began to hit his opponent over and over again, causing Lucario to cry out in pain.

In retaliation, Lucario began to channel ground energy into it's palms, creating a large bone with it! The aura Pokemon then leaped at Seiteki, smashing the bone into the Stunfisk! But Lucario wasn't finished yet! In a fit of rage, Lucario swung the bone at Seiteki again and again, until the Stunfisk toppled over in defeat!

"Seiteki return." Jake said as he returned the Stunfisk to his Pokeball.
"R-rest well. You were great out there." Jake said, before another Pokeball from his bag. After tossing the ball into the air, a Chinchou emerged. Upon spotting the vicious Lucario, the Chinchou let out a screech, before dashing behind Jake's leg.

"Come on Lucky..I-I thought you agreed to this." Jake said, letting out a small sigh.
"Yeah...y-you did....I-I was there." Hazel added.
"I know it's scary but...c-can you do it? For me?" Jake asked.
"O-oh...u-u-u-ummmm ok....I'll do it." Lucky stammered, slowly walking out from behind his trainer's leg.

"Alright let's do this. Lucky, u-use Psybeam, then Water Gun!" Jake ordered.

"Lucario go with Bone Rush, follow it with Crunch!" Steven bellowed.

Once again Lucario began to channel ground energy into his palms, creating a large bone with it. The aura Pokemon then ran towards Lucky, ready to strike the Chinchou with it's new weapon!

Just before Lucario was able to reach it's target, Lucky leaped out of the way! With the aura Pokemon now wide open to attack, Lucky let out a multi-coloured beam at Lucario, knocking the aura Pokemon backwards!

In retaliation, Lucario laced it's fangs with dark energy, before biting down on the angler Pokemon! Lucky let out a sharp cry as Lucario's attack sent waves of pain through his body.

Ready to attack the Lucario once more, Lucky spat out a jet of water at his opponent, dealing a small amount of damage to the aura Pokemon!

Lucario, Close Combat then follow with Bone Rush!" Steven barked.

"Lucky, u-use Thunder Wave, then Electro Ball!" Jake ordered.

Lucario was the first to act! The aura Pokemon rushed towards Lucky, before lashing out at the Chinchou with it's arms and legs! Though the attack certainly left a mark on the angler Pokemon, all was not well for Lucario. In performing the attack, the aura Pokemon had left it's defenses in shambles. From now on, any attack Lucky hit Lucario was sure to hurt even more!

Determined to stay in the fight, Lucky sent out a wave of thick electric tendrils, striking Lucario...but strangely enough, the electricity appeared to do nothing to Lucario! That was until Lucario attempted to move, where it found that it was much slower then usual. Lucario had been paralyzed!

With Lucario out of commission, Lucky began to charge up electrical energy throughout his body, before firing an orb of it at Lucario! With Lucario's defenses and speed lowered, the power of Lucky's attack was almost enough to
cause the Aura Pokemon to topple over! But Lucario held on, rage and determination fueling it now. Once again Lucario summoned a large bone using ground energy, before swinging the weapon over and over again, dealing a great deal of damage to Lucky!

"Lucky, l-let's finish with Psybeam. If that's not enough, Water Gun!" Jake ordered.

"Lucario Reversal, now!" Steven bellowed.

Determined to win, Lucky fired a multi-coloured beam of energy at Lucario, striking the aura Pokemon and sending it flying back!

In a last ditch effort, Lucario surrounded it's body in fighting energy, before smashing into Lucky, causing the Chinchou's health levels to plummet to a critical point!

In retaliation, Lucky shot a jet of water out of his mouth, splashing the aura Pokemon and dealing a small amount of damage. This proved to be too much for the Lucario, who let out one final cry before toppling over.

"Lucario, return!" Steven called as he returned the aura Pokemon to it's ball.
The Catalyst admin then grabbed his fourth Pokeball, before tossing it in the air. From the ball emerged a Steelix, which towered over everyone in the room.

Upon noticing the iron snake Pokemon, Lucky's eyes seemed to widen considerably, and the Chinchou began to shake. Despite this, the angler Pokemon stood his ground...he'd promised to do his best for Jake, after all!

"Ahh Jake, you haven't yet met my Steelix, have you? Unfortunately our previous battle arena was much too small for Steelix to fit." Steven explained.
"But no worries, now you'll feel the wrath of all my Pokemon. Steelix, Stone Edge, follow it with Iron Tail!" Steven bellowed.

"Lucky, Screech t-then Water Gun!" Jake called out to the Chinchou.

Starting the round off, Lucky let out a deafening screech, causing Steven, Jake, and Hazel top cover their ears. Steelix didn't have such a luxury however, and the terrible noise assaulted it and lowering it's defense harshly!

Angered by the Chinchou, Steelix let out a sharp shriek, before summoning several sharp stones around itself. The pointy rocks floated around the iron snake Pokemon for only a moment, before flying off towards Lucky!

Unable to react in time, Lucky let out a cry as the stones dug into his flesh, causing him to topple over in defeat!

"Alright Lucky, return." Jake said as he returned the Chinchou to his Pokeball.
"N-nice work out there." Jake murmured as he grabbed a Premier Ball and threw it into the arena. From the ball materialized a happy looking Weepinbell, who hopped up and down as she realized who she was facing.

"Oh it's one of you Catalyst bullies! You're totally going to pay for what you've done to my friends! You hear me?!" Sprout exclaimed.

Jake couldn't help but smile at the Weepinbell's enthusiasm. Though some might have thought he was foolish for picking a grass type to face Steelix, Jake knew Sporut's enthusiasm and variety of attacks would be enough to win the day!

"Ok Sprout, s-start with Giga Drain, then Chocolate Bomb!" Jake called to the Weepinbell.

"Steelix, Sunny Day, then Fire Fang!" Steven barked.

Eager to begin the match, Sprout hopped over to her opponent, before starting to concentrate. As the Weepinbell was concentrating, Steelix began to glow a bright green, before the flycatcher Pokemon zapped Steelix of it's energy!

In return, Steelix a bright beam of energy at the ceiling. Upon touching the ceiling, the beam evaporated, seemingly having no effect whatsoever.

Ready to attack again, Sprout summoned a chocolate heart in front of herself. She then threw the heart at Steelix, the chocolate projectile exploding upon impacting the iron snake Pokemon.

As soon as Sprout had finished attacking, bright light suddenly filled the arena. It seemed Steelix's previous attack had caused an artificial sunny day!

Jake smiled as the bright rays of sunlight rained down upon the battlefield. Steven had just made a big mistake!
Indeed, Sprout also seemed quite happy, the harsh sunlight fueled the Weepinbell, doubling her speed thanks to her Chlorophyll ability!

But Steelix wasn't finished quite yet! Coating it's fangs in flames, Steelix chopped down on Sprout, causing the Weepinbell to let out a loud cry! It seemed that the sunny day was a double edged sword for Sprout! Though the sunlight offered her more speed and helped her attacks become more effective, it seemed as if it also left her even more vulnerable to fire attacks!

"Alright Steelix, Ice Fang then Fire Fang, let's go!" Steven barked.

"Sprout, d-dodge it and use Sleep Powder! Then use Growth!" Jake ordered.

Coating it's fangs in ice, Steelix slither towards Sprout, before moving in to bite the Weepinbell! Prepared for her opponents attacks, Sprout bounced out of the way with great speed! With Steelix left wide open to attack, Sprout showered the iron snake Pokemon in an indigo powder! Having accidentally inhaled the powder, Steelix couldn't help but feel a little sleepy. Leeting out a loud yawn, the iron snake fell to the ground, deciding to take a nap then and there!

With her opponent resting, Sprout took the time to perform her next attack! The Weepinbell began to draw in the power of the sun, increasing her size and sharply boosting her attacking power!

"A-alright Sprout, now use Weather Ball twice!" Jake ordered.

"Steelix, you've got to wake up!!!" Steven cried. "Wake up and use Fire Fang! Steelix!"

With Steelix still sleeping away, Sprout began to gather energy in front of her mouth, creating a glowing sphere. With the harsh sunlight raining down on the sphere, the ball of energy suddenly transformed into a fire ball! Satisfied with this outcome, Sprout launched the flaming ball at Steelix, dealing an extreme amount of damage to it! The power of the attack so strong, it instantly snapped Steelix out of it's nap, the iron snake Pokemon letting out a deafening cry as it rose.

"Steelix, Fire Fang!" Steven barked.

All too happy to comply, Steelix coated it's fangs in red hot flames, before biting down on Sprout!

Sprout let out a loud shriek as the powerful flames sent waves of pain through out her, sending her health plummeting to a critical level!

In retaliation, Sprout once again summoned a glowing sphere of energy, which quickly transformed into a fire ball!
The Weepinbell then shot the ball of flames at Steelix once more, the powerful fire attack prompting Steelix to cry out in pain! It seemed both Pokemon were barely holding on, one good attack would be enough to end either of them!

"Steelix, Ice Fang then Iron Tail!" Steven barked.

"L-let's end this Sprout! Giga Drain!" Jake ordered.

With the sunlight still fueling her, the giant Weepinbell bounced towards her opponent at an incredible speed! Once again Steelix began to glow a bright green as the last of it's energy was absorbed by Sprout!
Letting out a final cry, the steel behemoth crashed to the floor in defeat!

"Steelix, return!" Steven called as he returned the iron snake Pokemon to it's Pokeball.
"You've done well so far Jake, but no further! This is where I stop you once and for all!" Steven exclaimed as he chucked his final Pokeball into the arena. From the ball emerged a mighty Aggron, an arm band worn on it's left arm.

"Last time Aggron didn't get to show his true strength, thanks to your friends stupid Heatmor." Steven said, taking out a strange badge as he spoke.
"But now it's just you. So now my Aggron can have his revenge and crush every last one of you who dares threaten this world! Aggron it's time to Mega Evolve!!!" Steven exclaimed as he pressed the stone in the center of the badge.

Upon doing so, tendrils of energy shot out of the badge, linking to Aggron's band. It was then that the iron armor Pokemon began to transform! It began to grow bulkier, and a third horn began to grow on the center of it's head. Spikes poked out from each of it's arms, and it's tail grew even thicker.

Once Aggron was done transforming, it let out a loud roar, before facing it's opponent, eager to begin!

"Sprout, try one more Weather Ball, t-then Giga Drain!" Jake ordered.

"Aggron, finish this with Fire Punch!" Steven barked.

Starting things off, Sprout summoned another ball of energy, which after bathing in the suns rays, transformed into a ball of fire!
The fire ball flew towards Aggron, who let out a sharp cry as the super effective attack sent waves of pain through out it's body. Despite this, the attack didn't seem to do quite as much as it should have, thanks to Aggron's armour Filtering out some the attacks power!

In retaliation, the mega evolved Aggron covered it's fist in fire, before swinging it's arm at Sprout. As the flame covered fist struck, Sprout let out a final cry, before falling over in defeat.

No sooner had Sprout fallen, before the intense sunlight faded entirely, leaving the room in it's original state.

"Sprout, return!" Jake called as he returned the Weepinbell to her Premier Ball.
Returning the ball to his bag, Jake took the time to think about his next move. With Mega Aggron's formidable defense, it would be wise to use a Pokemon that could target the iron armor Pokemon's weaker special defense. A fire type like Vermillion would be perfect...but from his previous battle, Jake knew that Aggron had a few rock moves at his disposal. What he needed was a Pokemon with a variety of attacks, including fire type ones...but one that wasn't weak to much. With this in mind, Jake grabbed a regular Pokeball from his bag and threw it into the arena. From the ball emerged an angry looking Tauros, who let out a loud grunt upon noticing his opponent, his three tails flicking wildy in anticipation. The look Vernon was giving the mega evolved Aggron was enough to Intimidate the iron armor Pokemon, lowering it's attacking power slightly.

"Ok Vernon..I-I need you to give me your all. T-think you can do that?" Jake questioned.

In response Vernon gave a loud grunt and a firm nod. Of course he would give it his all! After his battle with Steven yesterday, the Tauros was eager for a rematch, and it seemed that time had come!

"Aggron, go with Iron Head, then Double Edge!" Steven barked.

"Vernon u-use Flamethrower, follow Rock Smash!" Jake called to the Tauros.

Eager to begin, Vernon began to channel fire energy into his mouth, before release a stream of it at his opponent!

In retaliation, the mega evolved Aggron charged head first at Vernon, it's shimmering with metalic energy! Upon being struck by the powerful attack, Vernon let out a cry, before stumbling back.
But the Tauros was nowhere near ready to give up! With his horns glowing a bright white, Vernon rammed into the iron armor Pokemon, lowering the mega evolved Aggron's impressive defense!

For it's next attack, Aggron recklessly charged towards it's opponent, it's own safety completely disregarded! With it's full weight behind it, Aggron slammed into Vernon, causing the the Tauros to cry out in pain! But Vernon wasn't the only one hurting! After attacking Vernon, the mega evolved Aggron stumbled back a bit, the attack's recoil kicking in!

"Vernon, use Rock Smash again. T-then Flamethrower!" Jake ordered.

"Aggron go for Head Smash and Brick Break!" Steven barked.

Once again Vernon's horns glowed a bright white as the Tauros charged towards his opponent, before ramming into it!
With it's defense weakened, the mega evolved Aggron let out another cry, before turning to face it's opponent. Once again Aggron charged towards Vernon, this time it's head covered in rock energy! Vernon let out a sharp cry before stumbling backwards, the same happening with Aggron. Both Pokemon were starting to grow tired after sustaining so many attacks, and it was beginning to show.

But Vernon was determined as ever, and began to gather fire energy in his mouth once more. The Tauros then sent a steady stream of flames at his opponent, completely roasting the iron armor Pokemon.

In retaliation, Aggron swung it's arm at Vernon, delivering a super effective strike using it's open hand!

"Let's finish this Aggron, Iron Head, then Brick Break, let's go!" Steven bellowed.

As Aggron charged towards Vernon, an idea suddenly sprung into Jake's mind. As it stood, Vernon would surely fall to Aggron's next attack, but Jake wasn't too sure a regular flamethrower from Vernon would be enough for Aggron to be defeated. But if the iron armor Pokemon were to be hit head on with the attack, maybe it'd be enough. Remembering to thank his friend later for giving him the idea, Jake turned his attention back to his Tauros.

"O-ok Vernon, hit Aggron with a point blank Flamethrower!" Jake exclaimed.

With the mega evolved Aggron quickly approaching, Vernon began to gather the last of his fire energy into his mouth. Just before Aggron struck him, Vernon let the flames fly out of his mouth, engulfing his opponent and scoring a direct hit!

Jake's plan went off without a hitch! Letting out a final cry, the mega evolved Aggron fell to the ground in defeat. Upon falling, Aggron began to glow, before turning back to it's original form.

"Aggron no!!!" Steven exclaimed as he rushed to the Aggron's side.
"No..Aggron..w-we were...we were supposed to save this world..together." Steven murmured, before returning the iron armor Pokemon to it's Pokball. With his final companion gone, Steven turned to face Jake and Hazel.

"Y-you may have defeated me....but you still have many to go....many people like me.....ones that would surrender their life to defend this world." Steven said.

"Y-you don't get it! Team Catalyst..t-they aren't trying to save this world, they're only trying to destroy it!" Jake replied.

"You're lying...the path you walk is the one that wishes for this world to be thrown into chaos...that's what you and your friends are all about. But I have no time to talk....I-I must report to my boss."

With that, Steven ran past Jake and up the spiraling staircase, leaving Jake and Hazel to themselves.

"..H-he sounded he actually b-believed what he was saying." Hazel murmured, once he was sure Steven was gone.

"Yeah...I guess it's sad in a way. I-I mean...he sounds so genuine about his goals...b-but he doesn't realize he's only...going against them." Jake replied.
"Anyway let's get going...I-I'm assuming we'll have more members of Catalyst to deal with soon."

Giving a brief nod, the Eevee followed his trainer up the stairs, climbing higher up into the tower.
Catalyst Tower - Fifth Floor
In his office, Chris was glued to his computer, the man seemed to be hurrying to type something. In fact, he was so distracted by the computer, that he didn't notice as a a young woman entered the room.
She appeared to be no older then nineteen, and had a weird, creepy aura to her. She had dark purple hair, and much like Steven, she was also sporting a black lab coat. In her right hand appeared to be a Honedge, the sword Pokemon seemingly quite content in the woman's grasp.

"Sir, I've returned with the information you've asked of me." The woman said, causing Chris to nearly jump out of his skin.

"Oh,'s just you. First off, how many times do I have to tell you? We're don't have to call me sir." Chris replied.

"Right sorry brother..urr Chris? Yes..sorry Chris." Olivia apologized.

"No need to, tell me what you were going to report." Chris said.

"Yes well...following your instructions, I ordered most employees to hide on the third floor barracks. I also sent Steven to take care of the intruders." Olivia said.

"Very good. Is there anything else I should know?" Chris asked.

"Yes...well...we've managed to get the identities of the intruders. The most important being that Zack Hagane appears to be leading them." Olivia replied.

"What?! You mean to tell me that Zack has betrayed us?!" Chris exclaimed.

"I'm afraid so si-Chris. Oh, and Jake Eclair is also among them. That is all."

"Hmm...very well. In that case, can you please return to your post..oh, and get Shelly and Ryan to guard the other two floors as well." Chris instructed.

"On it Chris!" Olivia replied, before exiting the office. With Olivia gone, Chris turned his attention back to his computer.

"I knew that Jake was against us from the start...but I didn't want to believe he'd take it this far." Chris spoke aloud.
"Jake...Zack....this world has so much to offer....why do you want to watch it crumble?"

Jake's Remaining (Healthy) Pokemon
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