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Le Cimetière des Cœurs Oubliés

”Help?” Amelie asks, as if the question is strange to her. She looks to Yuki, who fits you with a suspicious glare; clearly, the Frosslass distrusts you. Her trainer less seemingly so, however, because she snickers; far less manic than her previous laughter -- her despair appears to have vacated for the moment. Nonetheless, she isn’t optimistic.

“Mister Balmund,” she begins, rather matter-of-factly. “I do not expect there is anything you can do to help me. But if you do like, you may join me for breakfast.”

Without waiting for your response, she turns, and begins walking through the snow, towards what takes you a moment to realize in the dim is the silhouette of a house on a hill in the distance. The edge of the sky behind it is just barely turning the first shades of blue, and you can make out the shape of a truly massive Apricorn tree, the likes of which are familiar to you; after a beat in time it occurs to you that you’ve see the tree before, standing alone above the cemetery, its domicile companion long gone in a time more familiar to you. Expecting you to walk with her, Amelie continues to speak, Yuki drifting alongside her with eerie, jerking movements.

“You aren’t the first,” she informs, liltingly, as if having read your mind. “Others have disturbed Yuki. She doesn’t care for the forwardness of men. I cannot say I blame her. She thinks you’re quite presumptuous, too, but I think you’re harmless. Foolish perhaps. A flirt. My fiance would have hated you.”

She snickers again. This time, Yuki snickers too. The sound is ethereal and unnerving. At the base of the hill now, Amelie pauses in her tracks, and turns to look at you, folding her hands behind her back.

“Tell me, mister Balmund -- have you ever been in love?”
The question was a bit of a curve ball for the dragon tamer, who couldn't help but stop and take a moment of silence as he organized his thoughts, and, perhaps most importantly, his emotions. Iskra's grin widened a tad ominously as she indulged herself in the moment, savoring every last bit of melancholy. In truth, Duke had been in a number of relationships in his life, most amounting to nothing but short-lived and passing affairs and temporary infatuations. Heck, he once even had an affair with a friggin' mermaid, and yet, not even that one managed to hold a place in his heart. He would've answered a quick and rather false affirmation had he not known what it really meant to love. Alas, he had been through one such special relationship, however, and the fact that to this date he still hadn't recovered from its rupture bothered him greatly. It was rather pathetic, in a way. Though he understood the circumstances at the time to be rather strenuous at best for her, he always believed himself to be capable and trustworthy enough to shield her from whatever danger lurked over the shadows. Why then, did she choose to leave and go in hiding without as much as a single hint or warning? And try, he did, to find her, if only for some sort of answer. "Try" being the key word. He never truly understood her motives, and, in the end, it tormented him to ultimately find himself an unworthy hero for the one person it counts..

"... I have." He finally answers, almost coming off as a sigh. "It was love at first sight, if one can allow oneself enough naiveté to believe in such things. You remind me of her in some ways, to be honest. She's an intellectually gifted woman with an ethereal sort of beauty. Like some sort of mirage, it made one think she could just up and vanish in the blink of an eye. One day, she really did..."


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