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Originally Posted by Connor View Post

MedMana: Having agreed to tag along with the young girl, she once again grins widely, the clearly enjoying the simple pleasure of having made a new friend. With that, she grabs your hand in hers, gently tugging you further along the riverbank. You find yourself easily sucked into the pace of this energetic young lass, and she seems to have a natural knack for navigating the rockier portions of the river, despite her attire being seemingly ill suited for such a task. She wore a simple pair of sandals on her feet, accompanied with a pale white sundress, the garment billowing in the slight breeze as you both make your way a little further from the river, although your winding path soon finds you back near the now trickling waters. Looking ahead, you can make out two figures - one distinctly male and much larger than both of you while the other was seemingly female, rather slight and possessing a stature not unlike the young girl who was pulling you along, only much taller. As you draw closer, it is the male who is quicker to say anything, his voice rather ill fittingly high pitched considering his large figure.

"Hey, Celia, why have you gone bringing someone along? We're going to our secret spot. You know what secret means right? You can't be that stupid?"

On this remark, the taller girl next to him lashes out with a rather solid punch, the strength of the girl surprising considering her thin build. The boy is sent staggering, almost falling into the river from the rocks, but managing to keep his balance in an impressive shift of weight given his ungainly movements.

"Oi, 'gelica, that bloody hurt you know. I was only teasing."

With this, the girl - evidently named Celia - giggles, pointing out each friend and introducing them.

"This is Simon, and his twin sister, Angelica. Though you wouldn't think they were twins. They're completely different."
One had to admire the innocent enthusiasm of youth, that's for sure. While Ami hadn't expected her new acquaintance to grab her hand and pull her along, she quickly found herself appreciating that she did. The tourist had already sustained a couple scrapes and bruises traveling on her own (in addition to the ones she got in her previous trip), so having someone who so masterfully maneuvered the shoals with her to mitigate the issue was quite the relief. Climbing uphill at such a brisk pace was a bit of a chore, sure, but when was that never the case? And even then, it wasn't anything an experienced traveler would have worry about and it always came with the promise of a less straining trip downhill.

It wasn't long before they found the girl's friends, and shorter still before they further displayed their mastery of the terrain. Ami had moved to help the guy who was almost pushed into the trickling stream below, but managed to find his footing on his own. She gave a sigh a relief before her guide -Celia, apparently- introduced her friends. The twins' difference was plain to see, at least.

"Nice to meet you all!" she greeted cheerfully. "My name's Amicae, though most people leave off the last syllable there. It's kinda tricky to say." She turned to Celia, her hands on her hips in mock disapproval. "You never said anything about a secret spot! I don't have to swear some sort of oath of secrecy now, do I?"

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