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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
TheKnightsFury: Having given your instructions to Jormungand, your attention shifts to watching the Magikarp, wanting to make sure that the rather simple Pokemon was able to follow your instructions ably, not wanting to make anything too complicated for him to follow. Jormungand quickly acquiesces to the task though, diving down into the waters until he becomes little more than a faint red blur, an impressive depth given the clearness of the surroundings waters. With a grunt, Rigel accepts his own orders, the Qwilfish gently bobbing along in the wake left by Orion, opening his mouth wide and creating a small orb of pale blue energy. Small waves trace a path across the surface of the sphere, and then without warning, Rigel spews it high into the air, a trail of rings fashioning out behind it. With a determined grit, Jormungand explodes from the water, aiming to move through the center of the rings ... but fails, somewhat laughably. The first ring in the trail is smashed to pieces as Jormungand hurtles into it, a grimace on the face of the Magikarp clearly explaining his irritation at this. Still, as soon as he hits the water, the Magikarp dives once more, determined to fulfill the task ahead.

It takes a few more minutes for you to finally reach the center of the lake, but in this time, Jormungand had made astronomical improvement. The Magikarp could now manage to wriggle his way through the vast majority of the rings in every leaping attempt, and while he panted with exhaustion, it was clear the effects had a positive effect on his body. Jackson watches silently with a slight grin, before calling your attention.

"Anyway lad, you said you wanted a fishing lesson, right? Here, grab this and I'll see what your casting is like."

At this, Jackson throws you a fairly lightweight rod, made of a supple length of wood. The gear was clearly pretty simple, but fit nicely in your hands, the slight weight adding a satisfying heft to the rod that belies it's sleek design.

Jormungand gained 2 levels!

Jayson struggled into a more comfortable position upon the large Lapras's, he wanted to be in the perfect position to watch Jormungand jump. He doubted the Magikarp would succeed in the endeavour but he knew that it would at least give the lowly fish some experience. Jayson was far from surprised as Jormungand failed on the first attempt, but to his delight the Magikarp seemed determined to prove itself capable. It continued to leap from the water, slowly passing through more of the rings created by Rigel's Water Pulse. By the time they reached their destination Jormungand was succeeding more than he was failing, which was all Jayson could ask of him. Pleased with the Magikarp's efforts, Jayson dug through his bag and produced 6 Rare Candies. He unwrapped the blue foil coating of the treat before tossing them down to the Magikarp one by one. Jormungand hungrily devoured the candies as soon as they hit the water, his strength continued to grow with eat candy he devoured.

Jormungand gain 6 levels and learnt Tackle

It wouldn't be long now thought Jayson, soon Jormungand would be strong enough to evolve and then the real challenge would begin. Luckily Jackson gave him little time to dwell on his fears, the fisherman tossed a nifty looking fishing rod his way and instructed him to have a cast. Jayson was eager to put his limited fishing experience to the test, he slowly got to his feet, steadying himself on the spikes of the Orion's shell. Jayson angled himself to face away from Jormungand and Rigel, the last thing he wanted to do was snag one of them by mistake. Bringing the rod over his right shoulder, Jayson kept his thumb on the reel, preparing to let out the line as he swung the rod forward. With a swift but steady swing, Jayson sent the hook and float soaring through the air, he watched as he hoped his cast wasn't too terrible.

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