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“Hey guys, I’m back!” Gary announced as he shuffled in through the door of his secret base. His arms were filled with bags of groceries, which he carried over to the kitchen. Looking up from the kitchen table, he noticed some of his resident Pokemon had come over to greet him, including Amph and Espy, while some of the others paid little heed and carried on with their afternoon naps. He smiled as he watched a large Tropius named Coco crane his long neck through the doorway and shuffle inside, his body just barely able to not destroy the door frame. “Thanks for the lift, buddy,” Gary called out to his leafy dinosaur.

Gary then scratched Amph on the chin as she finished helping put the groceries away and pat Espy on the head. “So, I’ve got three new companions who will join us on our journies,” Gary continued, holding out three Pokeballs. “They’re all water types, but something tells me they’ll feel right at home here.” He walked over to the large living room, furnished with a massive state of the art aquarium and giant circular fountain. Raphael the Blastoise was already relaxing in the fountain, keeping his body partially submerged. In the aquarium, Aero the Mantine and Devine the Kingdra swam around happily while Pickle the Pyukumuku squished around in the sand at the bottom.

“Why don’t you guys introduce yourselves?” Gary grinned, tossing the Pokeballs one at a time. First to appear was a very young Slowpoke, who appeared in the fountain. “That’s Pokey Junior, but we can call him Pokey for short, just like his dad. His old man was one of my best friends growing up in Johto!” Amph watched on as the Slowpoke acted quite unlike his species’ general disposition and began scuffling around the fountain, albeit at a slow pace. Raphael had a look of annoyance as Pokey Jr began to climb his shell. “He looks like he’s got a pretty curious personality, so I’m counting on you guys to make sure he stays out of trouble!”

The next two Pokeballs popped open, revealing two fish-like Pokemon that appeared inside the aquarium. First was an Alomomola, who immediately began to introduce himself to Aero as he swam over. “That’s Sensei. I’ve got a kindred feeling with him that loves to take care of marine species in need.” Sensei nodded in agreement and swam over to introduce himself to Devine while a small Chinchou appeared near the bottom. The anglerfish quietly swam underneath a rock formation, not to hide, but rather to get out from being the center of attention. “Finally, that’s Apollo. He’s a bit quiet, but once you get to know him, I think he’ll really shine.”

Gary chuckled at his own pun, but the rest of his Pokemon pretended to not notice and went back to doing their own thing. Now that introductions were over, Gary walked over to his desk and booted up his computer to check some emails. However, as the time passed, he couldn’t help but glance over at the new additions to his team and type in some of their behavioral patterns into his observation log of marine species.
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