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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Jerichi: Having accepted the rather sudden request for help, you call upon the aid of your Tropius to help get you to your destination, first placing Helen in a safe spot before clambering up yourself, helping the panicked man into the back of your large dinosaur. Clearly still shaken, the man seems uncertain at first, but soon accepts that this would be the best means of getting to the necessary place, introducing himself as Carson shortly after. With that done, you are wished on your way with good luck from Josiah, and Tropius takes to the air, large, frond wings beating heavily at the air. As you gain altitude, Carson scans the horizon, finally nodding and pointing in the direction of a rather jagged peak, part of the mountain range that it would seem gets little visitors given the unfriendly silhouette the peak commanded.

"Brother Henrick is hiding in a cave near that peak. He's injured, but I am fairly sure his assailant is unaware of his position. I managed to sneak away during some of the commotion, after helping him to take refuge."

With a bellowing cry, Tropius takes off in the direction pointed out in response to your command, and it doesn't take long for guttural roars to be heard on the wind being carried towards you, the noise clearly setting Carson back on edge. The man trembles behind you, but you finally set down in a safe area of the surrounding mountain range, Carson unwilling to go any further by air.

"It's too risky. We might be spotted, and I don't see us managing to make a clean escape if we are. Let's go by foot for the rest."

With that said, your group moves as directed by Carson, until you finally come to a split in the paths ahead of you. Carson sighs heavily on seeing this, an edge of panic evident in his voice.

"Okay ... I forgot about this. We set down on the wrong side of the mountain. These paths will both take us where we need to be but ... well, one of them is much easier than the other - the issue is, this means we're more likely to be spotted. Less to hide behind. The other is a little more treacherous, but we'd likely manage to avoid any detection. Your call."
The flight to rescue the endangered monk seemed to disturb Carson, and with the sight of the terrain which they were exploring, Jeri couldn't help but feel a bit anxious himself. This kind of thing was, of course, not the worst thing he had gotten himself caught up in in his career, but he wasn't quite expecting mountaineering to be part of this. Either way, per Carson's instructions, he landed in the mountains. With an element of stealth and speed clearly necessitated, Jeri withdrew his Tropius and Helen for the time being, with neither the long necked dino or the slow moving camel being too much help to him at the moment. He kept after Carson, following him to a fork in the road. Carson seemed unsure of which to take - both had a clear advantage and drawback, leaving Jeri to decide.

Jeri was never much of a mountaineer - he hadn't been a great fan of traversing the other ranges he had come across in his adventures - so he figured the other path would be a better bet. He would be better off with a scout, though, although he hadn't exactly brought any Pokémon that really fit that bill. He thumbed through the remaining Poké Balls on his belt and decided on a somewhat unconventional pick. He would need to be creative.He tossed it out, revealing a little levitating blob resembling a living cloud.

"Alright, er, what did he call you? Tenki? I think we might need to take a visit to the Name Rater for you soon. Anyway, buddy, we're about to enter a bit of a tricky situation, so we need someone to scout ahead for danger - you mind helping out?"

The Castform bubbled affirmatively.

"Okay, why don't you do a Rain Dance to give us a bit of cover - but let's keep the storm light. Feel free to chuck Weather Balls at anything that might threaten you."

Jeri rummaged through his pack and pulled out a dark windbreaker-like jacket, putting it on in anticipation of the rain. He then turned to Carson - "Hey, so what is it exactly we're facing anyway?"

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