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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post
[SIZE="1"]sorry these took a while! I have a bad habit of wanting to wait for everyone before proceeding with updates ^^'

Kawaii: Knowing that your Pokemon was potentially in danger fuelled you to run faster than you had before. You had to get to Tengu, no matter what it took. It filled you with hope to see that your Pokemon seemed to have the same thing on their minds, rushing alongside you in the hopes of getting their friend back. As you arrived at the makeshift home within the fallen log, you forced yourself to stay hidden. You had absolutely no clue what would happen if you emerged prematurely --- you could be attacked by this large group of Pokemon, and that certainly wouldn't do if you wanted your rescue efforts to be successful. You crouched down, making sure no part of you was visible as you spoke to your two remaining Pokemon. You instructed them to go in your place, making sure that they did not lie, and that they were only going in the hopes of convincing the Pokemon of the truth about Tengu. They both nodded, accepting what they would have to do. They had no enlargements, they wanted Tengu back just as much as you did.

DTM walked forward first, listening to everything that the Pokemon were saying. The happy chatter that followed welcoming a new Pokemon into their family, it was almost like a party. The Pokemon seemed very happy, crowding around their new brother, presenting him with various berries and other such goodies that had been gathered from the forest. DTM looked around nervously, worried that the Pokemon may turn on her once she spoke up about the truth. The Oddish seemed the closest to Tengu at this point, she had a large smile on her face as she chatted with Tengu. Unfortunately for her, the Seedot just replied with it's usual deep eerie sighs. DMT finally let out a deep breath and spoke up.

"What if it is not the trainer's fault that this Pokemon is hurt?" She asked, looking towards the crowd. The Croagunk, who was seemingly the leader of this gaggle of Pokemon glared in her direction. He eyed her closely, causing the Senret to gulp down a large amount of fluid from within her mouth.

"You don't look familiar..." He began to walk towards her, his fingers glowing, ready to fight the intruder if it was needed. The other Pokemon seemed ready to join in if it was needed. DTM stood her ground, ready to take a swing at any of the Pokemon if they dared to lay a finger on her.

Just as the fight was seemingly ready to begin, Tengu began to speak. It was as if he was fuelled by his friends being in danger --- he began to speak up about the truth as to what had happened to him. More life flowed through him than it ever had before. His speech was slow, still somewhat lifeless as he struggled to get all the words out. However, all eyes in the room were fixated on the Seedot. Oisin's jaw dropped, as did the small Oddish who had been standing so close to the acorn. Tengu slowly began to rise to his feet, standing boldly --- even though he had never had the strength in him to. He spoke more, and more, his pauses for breath came less frequently and he seemed to be filling with energy from the swamp itself.

The Croagunk looked mystified, he glanced towards DTM and Oisin. "Perhaps I misjudged your trainer... I sincerely apologise for that. However, perhaps it was destiny that he was brought to such a place." He glanced back at Tengu, who seemed far better off than he ever had before. "You're all free to go, I apologise for my behaviour earlier, please apologise to your trainer for me if you can." He gave a small bow, and gestured towards the entrance. The trio of Pokemon made their leave, returning to you almost as quickly as they had been gone. Seeing Tengu standing on his own fuelled you with hope that the swamp would indeed heal his ailment. You fought back the tears in your eyes of seeing him come so far. However, your reunion was cut short by a loud screech.

Your head swivelled back towards the fallen log filled with Pokemon, seeing them pilling out as fast as they could. The Oddish ran towards DTM and Oisin. "Help! Just after you left a group of snakes came and attacked us! Croagunk is trying to hold them off but he's super outnumbered!" Her eyes were pleading. DTM turned towards you and tried her best to explain the situation.

There are Pokemon in trouble! What do you do?

Kawaii acted without thinking. She rushed forward and landed on her hands and knees to crawl into the grassy structure. The needles and twigs dug into her palms and knees but she kept crawling to save these pokemon. When she reached the area where the Crogunk was fighting off the snakes she directed all three of her pokemon towards the snakes. “DTM, Tengu, use tackle! Oisin use tackle as well.” Her pokemon companions nodded and the Seedot and the Sentret each chose a snake and charged towards it. The little grass type was looking more and motivated and took fighting seriously, maybe too seriously. He attacked with a wicked gleam in his empty eye sockets. He thought for a moment of that Oddish who liked him so much. That above all made him move faster and better.
DTM rushed forward and used her wide body to tackle the snakes. Even though she didn’t like fighting the little Sentret was going to try to protect the innocent pokemon that were sick and frightened. She hoped that those pokemon would find homes soon, even if it was homes in the wild. The normal-type had learned to like these pokemon very much.
Oisin tackled by using his hard hooves to do more damage. He wanted to defend these pokemon as well, they cared for his friend when all hope had seemed lost. He wanted to show that they cared for the safety of other pokemon not just their own. The deerling wanted to do his best.

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