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Probopass Other Important Links

Missingno. Master's Wonderful Wishlist
Want to know what I'm after? Look no further! See the list of Pokémon and items I'm after- if you got something I want, odds are I'd be willing to make you an offer for it.

Sludge Wave Coast- Keith's New & Improved Secret Base
A small mansion built in a large clearing overlooking the Sea of Fizzytopia. The place my character calls home. More to the point, a place where all are welcome to RP. Or will be, once a certain storyline is finished...

Missingno. Master's Miscellaneous Memories
Read the various stories of the everyday life of Keith Masters and his Pokémon. Ever wonder how a Seviper could save Christmas? Ever wanted to learn the secret origins of the amazing Captain Stomach? This is where you find all that stuff out.

The Poisonous Paradise- Keith's Secret Base
A two-story house built atop a dead tree. Is what this used to be. Now? A pit in the ground, filled with rubble, is all that remains of Keith Masters's former home. But while the house is destroyed, the memories remain intact, and more to the point, available for your reading pleasure.

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