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Arcanine Battle History

Meowth (MM) vs. Bubbles the Corphish (EpicSquirtle)

Melittin the (Mega) Beedrill (MM) vs. Behemoth the Steelix (Escalion)

James the Vileplume (MM) vs. Rocky the Rhydon (lilblue); WIN
Marvolo the Seviper (MM) vs. Broly the Growlithe (takku); LOSE
Scorpius the Skorupi (MM) vs. Minori the Seel (kaisap); WIN
Peeves the Duskull (MM) vs. Jitterz the Joltik (poketim); LOSE
Scorpius the Skorupi (MM) vs. Taran the Joltik (ME); LOSE
Peeves the Duskull (MM) and Eleanor the Petilil (uhhhhh) vs. Lich the Cryogonal (darkrai) and Kristen the Snorunt (lilblue); LOSE
Scorpius the Skorupi (MM) vs. Icarus the Skarmory (GS); LOSE
Hebenon the Qwilfish (MM) vs. Gumpy the Swalot (lilblue); LOSE
Scorpius the Skorupi (MM) vs. Pontos the Anorith (treep); LOSE
Hebenon the Qwilfish (MM) vs. August the Dragonite (ME); WIN
Hermione the Weedle (MM) vs. Rawk the Starly>Staravia (okiku); LOSE
Pomona the Ivysaur (MM) vs. Sarkhan the Druddigon (GS); LOSE
Scorpius the Drapion (MM) vs. Drifty the Crawdaunt (Charminions); CANCELLED
Goyle the Victreebel, Heatstroke the Magcargo, and Gold the Feraligatr (MM) vs. Pom the Ambipom, Sparky the Galvantula, and Crix the Electivire (EpicSquirtle); WIN
Meowth (MM) vs. Nuhuko the Lunatone (Raves); WIN
Ariana the Garbodor and Hermione the Weedle (MM) vs. Boa the Milotic and Amor the Amaura (sbd); WIN
Chromium the Smeargle (MM) vs. Nemestrinus the Servine (Pest); DRAW

Current score:

WIN: 6


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