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Meetan: On your mention of having a rather awkward run, Lauren begins to laugh, the loud, infectious tones reverberating around the surroundings and drawing her one or two strange looks from some of the tourists relaxing. She soon becomes embarrassed though, managing to bring her laughter somewhat under control as she wiped tears away from the edges of her eyes, some stray chuckles still breaking her breathing up here and there.

"Oh man, it's been a while since I've laughed that long. I think I needed it, so thanks. Don't worry, we can go more at your pace. I think your Lotad would prefer that anyway."

Mario seems a little downbeat on hearing this, the Poliwhirl visibly deflating, but he soon perks back up as he decides to stroll through the lapping waves rather than walk along the length of the beach. Despite moving at your own pace rather than the faster pelt Lauren no doubt could have set, you find yourself moving towards the rock ponds at an impressive pace, the number of tourists rapidly dying down just as Lauren suggested they would. Finally, you stand before the area she had intended to bring you to - numerous rock ponds stretched out before you, some dipping down into the shallow waters of the sea while others were cut off from the rocking waves, no doubt by a low tide. Turning to you,Lauren grins.

"So, what do you wanna do first? We could have a look around here for a while, I'm sure Lorrin would enjoy paddling in the pools. Alternatively, we could press a little deeper along the coast - we're more likely to come across Pokemon there. Your choice, though."

Brave Saix: With Jill having rejoined your group, deciding after your warning that meddling with the Drifblim was not worth her time, your group sets off towards the nearby village. The going is fairly easy considering you were clambering through mountainous terrain - Matthew happily leading the way while humming a quirky tune you couldn't quite recognise. The day was a good one for this kind of hike, the sun hanging high in cloudless sky and providing just enough warmth for the surroundings to be temperate, rather than possessing a chilly bite as would be typical this high up. You eventually find yourself approaching the village, eagerly pointed out by Matthew, but as you draw nearer it is clear that something is wrong. Matthew's pace slows to an uncertain crawl as he looks at the entrance to the village, where two rather burly men were posted, no doubt as some sort of guard. As you move to enter the village, the men shuffle in unison, blocking your way.

"Sorry there mate, no can do. We got a bit of a situation going on right now/ No outsiders allowed unless the chief says otherwise."

Matthew is understandably exasperated by this. A rattling explanation later and the two men are scrutinising the credentials of the scientist, before the smaller of the pair decides to lumber off into the village. It doesn't take him long to return, a rather elderly woman towing in close proximity. She was wearing rather simple blue garments, but managed to command an intense aura of authority, her small, beady eyes seeming to pierce into your very soul in evaluation. Her stature was tiny despite her presence, barely managing to come to the waist of the much larger man beside her, and her grey hair was held back by a pale white comb. Finally, after satisfying herself with Matthew's credentials, she speaks.

"I apologise deeply for the interruption to your plans, but our village is in something of a crisis right now. One of our younger members seems to have been taken hostage in one of the caves near the Sea Altar, and we are currently trying to deal with the situation to the best of our abilities. Please do try to rearrange for another time."

Matthew looks defeated at this, looking to you with slumped shoulders for guidance.

TheKnightsFury: Having given your instructions to Jormungand, your attention shifts to watching the Magikarp, wanting to make sure that the rather simple Pokemon was able to follow your instructions ably, not wanting to make anything too complicated for him to follow. Jormungand quickly acquiesces to the task though, diving down into the waters until he becomes little more than a faint red blur, an impressive depth given the clearness of the surroundings waters. With a grunt, Rigel accepts his own orders, the Qwilfish gently bobbing along in the wake left by Orion, opening his mouth wide and creating a small orb of pale blue energy. Small waves trace a path across the surface of the sphere, and then without warning, Rigel spews it high into the air, a trail of rings fashioning out behind it. With a determined grit, Jormungand explodes from the water, aiming to move through the center of the rings ... but fails, somewhat laughably. The first ring in the trail is smashed to pieces as Jormungand hurtles into it, a grimace on the face of the Magikarp clearly explaining his irritation at this. Still, as soon as he hits the water, the Magikarp dives once more, determined to fulfill the task ahead.

It takes a few more minutes for you to finally reach the center of the lake, but in this time, Jormungand had made astronomical improvement. The Magikarp could now manage to wriggle his way through the vast majority of the rings in every leaping attempt, and while he panted with exhaustion, it was clear the effects had a positive effect on his body. Jackson watches silently with a slight grin, before calling your attention.

"Anyway lad, you said you wanted a fishing lesson, right? Here, grab this and I'll see what your casting is like."

At this, Jackson throws you a fairly lightweight rod, made of a supple length of wood. The gear was clearly pretty simple, but fit nicely in your hands, the slight weight adding a satisfying heft to the rod that belies it's sleek design.

Jormungand gained 2 levels!

Jerichi: Having accepted the rather sudden request for help, you call upon the aid of your Tropius to help get you to your destination, first placing Helen in a safe spot before clambering up yourself, helping the panicked man into the back of your large dinosaur. Clearly still shaken, the man seems uncertain at first, but soon accepts that this would be the best means of getting to the necessary place, introducing himself as Carson shortly after. With that done, you are wished on your way with good luck from Josiah, and Tropius takes to the air, large, frond wings beating heavily at the air. As you gain altitude, Carson scans the horizon, finally nodding and pointing in the direction of a rather jagged peak, part of the mountain range that it would seem gets little visitors given the unfriendly silhouette the peak commanded.

"Brother Henrick is hiding in a cave near that peak. He's injured, but I am fairly sure his assailant is unaware of his position. I managed to sneak away during some of the commotion, after helping him to take refuge."

With a bellowing cry, Tropius takes off in the direction pointed out in response to your command, and it doesn't take long for guttural roars to be heard on the wind being carried towards you, the noise clearly setting Carson back on edge. The man trembles behind you, but you finally set down in a safe area of the surrounding mountain range, Carson unwilling to go any further by air.

"It's too risky. We might be spotted, and I don't see us managing to make a clean escape if we are. Let's go by foot for the rest."

With that said, your group moves as directed by Carson, until you finally come to a split in the paths ahead of you. Carson sighs heavily on seeing this, an edge of panic evident in his voice.

"Okay ... I forgot about this. We set down on the wrong side of the mountain. These paths will both take us where we need to be but ... well, one of them is much easier than the other - the issue is, this means we're more likely to be spotted. Less to hide behind. The other is a little more treacherous, but we'd likely manage to avoid any detection. Your call."

MedMana: Having agreed to tag along with the young girl, she once again grins widely, the clearly enjoying the simple pleasure of having made a new friend. With that, she grabs your hand in hers, gently tugging you further along the riverbank. You find yourself easily sucked into the pace of this energetic young lass, and she seems to have a natural knack for navigating the rockier portions of the river, despite her attire being seemingly ill suited for such a task. She wore a simple pair of sandals on her feet, accompanied with a pale white sundress, the garment billowing in the slight breeze as you both make your way a little further from the river, although your winding path soon finds you back near the now trickling waters. Looking ahead, you can make out two figures - one distinctly male and much larger than both of you while the other was seemingly female, rather slight and possessing a stature not unlike the young girl who was pulling you along, only much taller. As you draw closer, it is the male who is quicker to say anything, his voice rather ill fittingly high pitched considering his large figure.

"Hey, Celia, why have you gone bringing someone along? We're going to our secret spot. You know what secret means right? You can't be that stupid?"

On this remark, the taller girl next to him lashes out with a rather solid punch, the strength of the girl surprising considering her thin build. The boy is sent staggering, almost falling into the river from the rocks, but managing to keep his balance in an impressive shift of weight given his ungainly movements.

"Oi, 'gelica, that bloody hurt you know. I was only teasing."

With this, the girl - evidently named Celia - giggles, pointing out each friend and introducing them.

"This is Simon, and his twin sister, Angelica. Though you wouldn't think they were twins. They're completely different."

PikaGod: Finding yourself admiring the looks of your inadvertent assailant, you quickly shout after him, inquiring as to whether anything was wrong. Your two Pokemon plod after you, and as you draw closer to the young man ,you notice something you had missed during your previous brief encounter - his body was littered with bruises here and there, some discoloured and old but many looking quite nasty and fresh. Turning to meet your question, the man runs a hand through his hair, sand being dislodged in the process and shaking down onto his bare shoulders.

"Uh ... you're the chick I just knocked over, right? Sorry about that. Bit scattered right now. I was training with a friend and my Pokemon - I'm a martial artist, see - and we were sparring. It was a good session, great session. Only I seem to remember we were interrupted by a weird group ... and after that, my memory goes blank. I woke up, my head is all over the place. Honestly struggling to strong these words together if I'm honest."

It becomes awkwardly apparent that he was having difficulty with his speech as you observe him, his eyes squinting with some effort and his facial expressions clearly troubled. Even as he speaks, you can see that his body stance was a little off thanks to the injuries which littered his body - which, while most likely somewhat commonplace for a martial artist, still seemed to be a little too prevalent in their coverage on his body.

"Anyway, I'm just looking for my buddy. When I woke up I was only in my swimming trunks. Gi gone, Pokemon gone, friend gone. Not a clue where they could be."

Marion Ette: As you moved further into the marshes, managing to find soft yet sturdy ground here and there and giving yourself momentary respite from the tiresome task of wading through the at times knee deep waters, you begin to get the feeling that you're being watched. It's nothing concrete - these things very rarely are - but there was something in the air, a strange nagging at the back of your mind which screamed at you to acknowledge the set of eyes boring into the back of your skull. Looking around, you see nothing but trees and more open marsh - and despite there being ample coverage for someone - or thing - to hide behind, you can't discern anything which is particularly out of the ordinary. So you trudge on, wondering in the back of your mind whether or not to look for a boat. The waters, while being hard work to trek through, didn't seem to get much deeper than your knee, sometimes making a way up to your thigh but very rarely getting even that far. Finally, a distant shriek brings you to a halt once more, and this time you are sure of it.

You were being watched.

This time even Bogie was seeming to feel the disturbing presence in the air. The Spritzee looked around, seeming uncertain as to whether the sensation was grounded in reality or simply imagined. As you stand, deathly still, you hear the telltale squelch of motion in the waters, and you spin around just in time to see a figure - at least somewhat humanoid in shape - heading deeper into the Marsh, to an area where the waters seemed a little deeper than you had currently encountered.

Naruxami: As you begin to awkwardly stammer in an attempt to keep the conversation going, Clarice looks back at you, directly into your eyes. Her pale green gaze was striking, but her eyes soon creased at the edges, a wide grin appearing on her face as she begins to chuckle herself, a much more hearty and cheerful laugh than your own anxious giggle. Almost doubling over at a point, the young woman finally begins to gather her composure, wiping tears away from the edges of her eyes before clasping you on the shoulder gently.

"Looks like we're both pretty awkward in our own way, eh? Nice to meet you anyway. Anyway, follow me and we'll get you booked onto our boat. Business isn't exactly booming at the moment so I'm sure the boss won't mind me taking you out myself."

At this, the girl pauses, once again waving her hands through the air.

"Out onto the ocean, of course. That's what I meant. Not ... well, you get it."

With this, Clarice turns out in one swift motion, clearly hiding a rather crimson face as she begins to stroll along the beachfront. You walk in relative silence for the rest of the way due to her clear embarrassment, with Clarice barely turning her eyes up from the sandy ground. Finally, you see a small beach hut in the distance, and just as Clarice moves to open the wooden door, it swings wide open to reveal an absolute mountain of a man. Ducking to allow himself to exit the small shack, the man looks you up and down, his skin scarred and tanned a dark brown. With a grunt, he speaks, gravelly tones almost sending a shiver through your body.

"And who the heck might this be, eh?"
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