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Originally Posted by Toyo View Post
Ironthunder: The team immediately mobilized against the unknown assailant within the lake. You hold onto your attacked Pokemon before she takes the field once again. All three of the Pokemon and even yourself look down to the water, keeping your eye out for disturbances. The sound of wildlife around you disturbs the peace a little bit, but not as much as the shadowy mass within in it.

Your Skarmory's eyes in the sky are the first to notice as the mass spins in circles, a small and lithe form. It pokes up above the water, the surface giving a satisfying pop as a small blue face appears. It's eyes are small and beady and it seems to have a blue moustache of sorts. You hear it give a little squeak. "Bar!" The Barboach recognizes the threat to it's safety and glances around. Before your Pokemon can really react, it dives back down into the lake. It swims around a bit more, stops, and then appears to fade deeper into the water...

Only to pop back out a few meters to the side and spray another jet of water at your Pokemon! This time, Caeda feels the lake's mischief first hand, getting struck in the wing. You've never heard a Barboach giggle, but if you did, it would probably sound a bit like the sound coming from deep within the water now. The Barboach fades from sight, apparently retreating deep into the water again. What will you do?
With half her squad on standby, Liawe looked around worriedly. This was a pickle, and no mistake. The disturbances coalesce as a small fish pops out. A Barboach. Water/Ground. A brave bugger to be sure if it was starting on a Grass type. Liawe moved to give orders, but is disrupted by movement from the undergrowth, as Anna and Calem wandered over. Seeing Kaitlyn in her angered, yet mildly distraught state, Anna dashed over to check she was alright, before angrily surveying the waters for this devilish Barboach, while Calem decided the best course of action was to jump onto Liawe's shoulder and nuzzle into her neck.

Readying herself and preparing the new arrivals, Liawe barked out some orders. Nobody fuckled with her team and got away with it. "Hope, follow it into the lake with an Ominous Wind, then back up, try to bait it to the surface near Kaitlyn and Anna. You two, catch it in a double Absorb the moment it pokes its slimy head out the water! Caeda, try to pluck it from the water and dump it on the side, see how it likes being in our territory!" Calem poked his head out from his safe space in Liawe's neck, before climbing down and taking up a battle stance. "Alright Calem... Try to get it in a String Shot and pull it over here should Caeda fail? Sounds good enough, do that!" Liawe couldn't contain her growing grin of malicious satisfaction. This slimy bastard wasn't getting away that easily...
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