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Éclair found herself lead into the fog bank, ever mindful of her duty to the young pair of Pokémon. Aside from reluctance to follow the Espurr, she is surprised to see Monty and Mille in agreement for once. As they walk deeper and deeper into the fog as it grows ever thicker and fewer and fewer flowers pop-up from the floor. Yet despite the fog the Espurr remains in clear view several yards ahead. It never errs to keep that distance and never looks back, stopping on the spot if whenever the trio does.

Then, no sooner that the last flower fades from view behind the group, they notice something more is missing. Something subtle, something that leaves them feeling lighter on their feet but they can't quite figure it out. Suddenly the Espurr stops and turns to them, the same blank stare on its face as it begins to float higher and higher and more quickly so with each second that passes. Then it hits Éclair. It's not rising, they are falling!

More seconds pass as the fog falls away from around them. Below are several cliffs. One has a cluster of pink trees, another has green. Lastly a ridge has a particularly large white spot on it.

How will the group save themselves from this free fall?

The small Pokemon walked three across, Eclair placing herself between Monte and Mille to limit any more shenanigans. When Monte would try to start running ahead, Eclair would pull him back sharply with a stern look. Mille focused on the bipedal feline ahead of them. She felt strange, but wasn't quite able to put it in to words.

"Are we still on the Summit?" The Stufful asked, looking down at her feet which were surrounded by the thick fog.

"Yeah! Probably? Definitely," Monte chimed in as he was again pulled back by Eclair. "The nice Espurr lives here so he's probably taking us to his house!"

Eclair and Mille gave each other a look, both secretly hoping that the imagination of the young Scraggy was correct. They walked in silence a bit longer, too afraid to look back and see how far they had gone. The Espurr came to a stop and turned towards the group. It stared blankly with large, purple eyes. Eclair, Mille, and Monte craned their necks up as the Psychic-type rose in the air. It wasn't too odd to Eclair, she first assumed the Pokemon was using some kind of Telekinesis. She began to feel an awful, dropping sensation in her stomach. Frantically she looked down to see that the Espurr had somehow dropped them off of the cliff, and the ground was rushing up towards them incredibly quickly.

She had to think quick. Athena would be devastated if the boat back from Incognito Isle arrived without them. Tears welled up in Eclair's eyes just thinking of the possibility. She knew that they would have to get closer together in order to all land, safely, in the same place. Mille was flailing her limbs wildly, and anything close to her would likely get knocked away. Monte had begun to yell and flail about as well. It was then that Eclair remembered the Fairy Gem still clasped tightly in her hands. She focused on it, hoping to draw out its power. She jolted her head forward, the mouth on her back of her head swinging towards Mille and Monte. The move created sparkles and a pink Fairy Wind, that she hoped would serve as a cushion. Eclair looked back down, surveying her options of where she might try to direct everyone. Though the pink and green trees might break their fall, she was sure it would hurt if they had to tumble through branches. Instead, she aimed herself for the white ridge, hoping it might be soft snow for the trio to land in.

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