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Once the trainer disembarked from his Lapras and near the base of the tree, he held her face in his arms and started rubbing it, earning a happy squeal from her. "Good work, Nami, you can take a rest now," he whispered to her as a wave pushed her into him and him into the netting, causing him to grasp onto it while Nami used the push as leverage, allowing her a good lick to the trainer's face before he was able to return her to her Ice Ball and begin the climb.

According to the notice Hyrem received, the base would be at the top of the tree, and the nets would be what guide him there. It took him several minutes, but at last he felt his hand touch the wooden deck, and he pushed his way up and onto the planks, standing in front of a wall of mangrove branches and a door right in the middle of it. "Well, this looks like the right place," he muttered to himself. "Now for the reason we're here: Happy, come on out!" The orange and yellow furball emerged from his New Year's Ball sitting there and happily barking out a "Fwaa fwaa~" to his trainer. "Okay, Happy, if I'm right, there's someone at this place I think you'll be ha-, I think you'll really like meeting," he corrected himself to avoid the pun for the moment. "See, she supposedly wants to start having kids, and, if you play your cards right, you could be the lucky guy she wants to breed with!"

"Fwmm!?" Happy muffled himself with his paw, his face growing red at the idea. He had tried a few times to win over Carla's affection, but to no avail; perhaps this new face, this new female, would be different? Suddenly aware of his appear, he licked his paw then tried to use the saliva to slick back the tuft of yellow fur on his hair. Then he used his hot breath as a sort of "hair dryer" to fluff out his tail, in addition to other various tactics meant to make him look good, all of which were moderately successful. Once Happy was done grooming himself, Hyrem knocked on the door, taking in the view from the platform while he waited for someone to answer.

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