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*Austo has promised to update me

The trio disembarked from the vessel, two of them on foot and the other flying off the trusty boat. The three soon gathered around each other, looking around Gale Gorge and being generally surprised about what it looked like.

"Well, well, well, here we are! Woo!" Sol the Chikorita was as lively as always, bright as the sun some would say if trying to make a bad pun, like Sol's trainer was known for doing "So, this is Gale Gorge, huh... I guess we should probably get a move on then if you two are ready to, that is." Sol looked at Menma the Mimikyu and Kotori the Swablu who both seemed to be daydreaming about something probably involving dragons considering the species they were.

"Sol-chaaaan, wait for uuuuuuuuuuus." Kotori flapped her wings as she took off to follow Sol's lead, heading further into the gorge which was known as a Dragon and Flying type haven "Sol-chaaaan, aren't you afraid of the flying types we'll encounter here? It's okay to be afraid you know." As always, Kotori was one to worry about the feelings of others before worrying about her own, although she was soon relieved when Sol gave her a nod to say that he was a-ok.

Meanwhile, at the back of the pack, Menma was skipping (Mimikyu can skip, right?) along as she eyed both sides of the gorge and payed little attention to where she was going except for 'in the direction of Sol and Kotori' this soon came to bite Menma with karma as she walked straight into a rock "Owwie, that serves me right for not paying attention though." She span right back around though, looking at the other two through her cloth before all three nodded once more to each other and finally made their proper entrance into Gale Gorge.
The merry crew of Menma, Kotori and Sol made their way through the gorge. The Chikorita seemed to be asserting himself as the dominant member of the the team, his two companions happy enough to follow his lead. A strong wind drove down through the gorge, Kotori was enjoying the challenge however, this environment suited her well. The landscape was rather barren, the high cliffs sported the odd tree clinging to the near vertical walls. There were small patches of grass scattered around but most of it looked rather tough and unpleasant. The team continues to venture up the gorge, steadily making their way up the slope. Suddenly something catches Kotori's eye and she quickly moves to avoid the projectile that rains down from above.


The projectile slams into a nearby boulder, splitting it in half and sending up a cloud of dust and debris. Your team stand at the ready as the dust clears, revealing a small blue dragon pulling himself out of the remains of the boulder. "Awk sorry about that guys, didn't see you there when I jumped, could have really flattened you aye." The Bagon gave itself a once over, checking for any signs of injury. "Eh looks like that wasn't enough, I swear I'm never going to fly. What are you lot doing around here anyways? Any chance you could lend me a hand, I have to get back up the top so I can jump again. It only takes a second to jump but the climb back up takes hours for me, if I can get a few jumps in quick succession I bet I could master flight!" The Bagon was eager to get back up the side of the gorge so it could attempt to fly once more, but you you be willing to help it participate in such reckless behaviour?

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