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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
(Hey Madlin. Redecorating? *Dead Ratta on desk says nothing.* Where did you find so many toy skulls? They look pretty real though.)

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Missingo Master:
Claws extended you charged right ahead through the crawlspace to reach the Inkay for a Fury Swipes. The squid-like Pokémon in turn blasted another Psywave to push you off. With a lack of room to dodge the attack landed all five rings directly and put you at the edge of the drop. Your second attack, an Aerial Ace was cut short too, having not nearly enough room to move about and deliver a surprising side from the flank.

Two attacks landed on you with a neutral hit, making the ghost girl and Inkay giggle while none of your close-up attacks could even get close. Your last attack would be different though as brightly coloured stars Swiftly closed the distance between the two of you and struck the Pokémon, unable to dodge either. The battle wasn’t going to stop here though, as the Inkay prepared another psychic attack at its beak.

The Reflect had blocked your previous attempts and thus a new strategy was tried. Carnivine foated up until the Inkay was within range and belted out an array of pellets. The Inkay responded by repeating its previous tactic and erecting another barrier, mistaking your attack for another physical hit. The Leech Seeds passed through through the Reflect like air and planted themselves on the startled squid desperately trying to shrug off the growing vines.

Success, and while the Inkay continues to struggle within its ensnaring vines, Fang jolts out a cyan mist of Stun Spore that wafts over the tiny Pokémon’s body, further incapacitating it with paralysis. Score!

It was the Inkay’s turn as it prepared another attack at the beak. You and Fang await nervously to see if aralysis was going to kick in, and…a Psybeam byzzed out and struck your Carnivine square on his mouth. Fang spins backwards, unable to even remotely dodge the attack in his exhasperated condition. He wants to obey your third order but unfortunately he was tired still from last round and needed a break instead of continuous use of three movers. And so, Fang’s turn ended before it even started, and only afterwards did Leech Seed’s first sap of health return some life back into him.
"Gah!" Meowth grunted, as he struggled to regain his balance. Inkay was attacking far too quickly for him to be able to land any hits with Fury Swipes or Aerial Ace. Desperately, he unleashed his Swift, and this made a difference, as the stars pelted the Dark/Psychic-type. But this was far from over, Meowth knew- already Inkay was preparing yet another Psychic move of some sort. He had to act fast, and he couldn't rely on contact moves, much as he was considering stuff like Skull Bash. Part of him wanted to try Hypnosis and Dream Eater, but another part of him remembered all too well what happened the last time he tried to hypnotize a Psychic-type. Nope. No way in the Distortion World. But what, then? He felt like he could keep taking those attacks, at the very least, but a fat lot of good that would do when-

Meowth felt like facepalming (facepawing?). Of course! He could practically hear Keith's voice in his head telling him what to do, a thought that brought the slightest of smiles to the Scratch Cat Pokémon's face. One of Keith's favorite moves, and if all that Inkay was gonna do was pile on the Psywaves or Psybeams or whatever, this would be perfect. Meowth closed his eyes and focused. He was right in the path of whatever attack Inkay was throwing his way, but considering he was now using Bide, that was exactly what he wanted.

Keith, meanwhile, had an Inkay of his own to worry about. He was having more success here than Meowth, though- Fang had landed the Stun Spore and the Leech Seed, meaning that Inkay was slowed down, less likely to attack, and would also lose some of its health gradually over time, with said health going right to Fang.

"Fang," said Keith, once the Carnivine righted himself, having been sent spinning by the Psybeam. "You still good to go?"

"Carni... vine! Carnivine!" Fang nodded determinedly.

"Excellent," Keith grinned. "You're doing great, now let's keep this moving! Use Giga Drain, and follow up with Nature Power!" Only two attacks as opposed to three- Fang was getting tired, Keith could tell, and he had no intention of overworking the Carnivine, especially if just these moves might do the trick.

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