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(Hey Madlin. Redecorating? *Dead Ratta on desk says nothing.* Where did you find so many toy skulls? They look pretty real though.)

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The Park

Monster Guy: ~ last update

Missingo Master:
Claws extended you charged right ahead through the crawlspace to reach the Inkay for a Fury Swipes. The squid-like Pokémon in turn blasted another Psywave to push you off. With a lack of room to dodge the attack landed all five rings directly and put you at the edge of the drop. Your second attack, an Aerial Ace was cut short too, having not nearly enough room to move about and deliver a surprising side from the flank.

Two attacks landed on you with a neutral hit, making the ghost girl and Inkay giggle while none of your close-up attacks could even get close. Your last attack would be different though as brightly coloured stars Swiftly closed the distance between the two of you and struck the Pokémon, unable to dodge either. The battle wasn’t going to stop here though, as the Inkay prepared another psychic attack at its beak.

The Reflect had blocked your previous attempts and thus a new strategy was tried. Carnivine foated up until the Inkay was within range and belted out an array of pellets. The Inkay responded by repeating its previous tactic and erecting another barrier, mistaking your attack for another physical hit. The Leech Seeds passed through through the Reflect like air and planted themselves on the startled squid desperately trying to shrug off the growing vines.

Success, and while the Inkay continues to struggle within its ensnaring vines, Fang jolts out a cyan mist of Stun Spore that wafts over the tiny Pokémon’s body, further incapacitating it with paralysis. Score!

It was the Inkay’s turn as it prepared another attack at the beak. You and Fang await nervously to see if aralysis was going to kick in, and…a Psybeam byzzed out and struck your Carnivine square on his mouth. Fang spins backwards, unable to even remotely dodge the attack in his exhasperated condition. He wants to obey your third order but unfortunately he was tired still from last round and needed a break instead of continuous use of three movers. And so, Fang’s turn ended before it even started, and only afterwards did Leech Seed’s first sap of health return some life back into him.

You didn’t want to believe it. The Eevee you knew really did evolve into an Espeon, despite everything (including your updater) telling you otherwise. The young adults (or teens or adolescents – basically the youth that was approximately your age as previously mentioned) had to be fakes as well. Even that guy you were pining over before couldn’t possibly be here. Not impossible, just highly improbable.

Eleven would have, could have, should have tried to help you – but something was clearly off about your Eevee and Meditite as neither had seemingly recalled or been remotely affected by the circumstances. Instead, both seemed worried about you not wanting to continue on. Neither really did anything to help, they just stared at you with looks of worry, clearly thinking you had gone mad with disbelief. Why couldn’t you just go along?

Your Meditite does NOT Meditate and your Meditite does NOT focus on the mind of one of those teens, as much as you would have wanted. Again; your Pokémon are not being helpful in any way. Before you had believed Freighya to have evolved and attacked with Psybeam, though none of that was true when you had opened your eyes again. Why would Eleven obeying your wishes suddenly be any different from last time?

You wish as hard as you want for your Pokémon to do something, you wish so hard that Jack gets fed up at you and snaps. “Fine!” his eyes glow a dark red. “We have tried giving you your dreams but you only spit in our face.” His voice becomes darker and gains a violent tone. The cooing cry echoes once more in warning and the whole room quakes along with Jack’s voice. The other youth’s faces turn grim and their eyes similarly glow a dark red.

“If you don’t want your dreams,” Jack yells with an audible tremor moving through the room, “then you can have your nightmares,” and as he said that a trapdoor opened behind you leading to a shadowed and narrow shaft. You look ahead again and notice Freighya and Eleven’s eyes glowing a dark red now as well. The two sneered at you, forcing you to take gentle steps back. Freighya tackled you which ended up being the final push needed to have you trip and fall over backwards, down the trapdoor. Up above you saw the menacing red eyes of your Eevee and Meditite staring down at you with the angry voice of Jack coming from behind them. “Have fun being on your own. Once you’re willing to comply we’ll let you out.” The trapdoor closed.

You landed roughly, but with surprising lack of pain, on a smooth surface; your new cage being that of a glass orb, outside of which there was nothing; no shadow, no texture, nothing but empty white canvas. The trapdoor you had fallen through was gone now, melted away into the glass dome arching above you – there was only you, your glass, orbed cage and the white nothingness - and no matter how hard you tried it wouldn’t break, shatter or splinter.

You were trapped, alone and with no seemingly possible way to escape. You had no idea why though or what the hell was going on. Did you miss something in your past few moments? Jack did say he would let you out but then you’d have to agree to something? What the hell was going on?!

What does kawaii think?/How does kawaii respond?

Punishment Room: Figure out the clue you’ve missed or tag along with the story before continuing.
Kawaii lost control over all her Pokémon.
Kawaii cannot use any of her items here.

Fortune Teller’s Tent
Meetan: ~ last update

The Ghost Train
You leave the train on your terms, not wanting to hold up a fight with the undead in your current state. You mutter a few words, a question. "...where in I...?"

You had taken your first step outside of the engine room when you saw the scenery – and with it an answer to your question - reveal itself to you. The same old darkness permeated the area to instil the familiar sense of being lost, with the landscape being marred this time by recognisable, earthly objects.

“Dah,” you heard the walking corpse utter behind you. He continued his muttering, “Youth nowadays getting themselves in trouble like this, diving in headfirst.”

“Are you really telling me you had no idea what you were doing? Move along and I’ll explain when we’re outside.”

Somehow you manage to lower yourself down onto the death-grey silt. You take a few steps further into the unknown to find your environment, though resembling much in the ways of earth, felt alien to you. The walking corpse followed close behind - seemingly more interested in the other carriages than you - and left his Houndoom to guard you. Other decaying figures clad in similar uniforms descended from the single remaining carriage and conversed with the one you had met previously. “…no one…find…”

The giant grey wall you had bashed into rose behind the train into the abyss above where thick purple mists made up the sky – a s sight similar to one you saw on Phantom Isle. Immeasurable forests of both living and dead tress dotted the remaining three cardinal horizons between which the darkness poured its vast presence. The train, oddly enough, found itself on train tracks leading up to what appeared to be a mid-nineteenth century station built of obsidian metal and opaque glass. The tracks continued on into the distance where they would eventually meet up with the horizon’s forest and who-knows-what. To add to the bizarreness of the situation, various clouds of fogs – akin to will-o-wisps - emitted light as they drifted gently above the ground with organic patterns and speeds.

The Houndoom kept its eyes on you as you turned continuously to take in your new surroundings. Your decaying captor strolled back after finishing the briefing with his co-deceased. Each one of his kin shambled along and passed him to continue on to the revolving door of the train station, each in a separate state of decay ranging from fresh and human to skeletal, each providing you a new look of concern, distrust or suspicion. Their eyes strangely enough never seemed to be affected by the decay, though this only added to the haunting image of the march of dead stares they gave.

“Right,” your captor approached you, rubbing the top of his hair with his hand as he thought over how to start, dropping tufts of hair while he did. “So, names first I suppose. The name’s Virgil, though most call me Virg.” He waited for you to respond first before continuing.

“As for where you are, it’ll be hard to describe if you didn’t come here on your own accord. Some might think of this place as limbo, though that wouldn’t be entirely accurate. You’ve passed limbo and moved on even further. You see, if a soul dies it has to pass to the afterlife but how do you think that happens?” He stalls for a few seconds to see if you’ll answer.

“So,” he continues. “It’s never straightforward. Souls have to be carried, moved, from oneplace to another and first obtain a confirmation of being deceased before moving on. It’s very important the realm of the living and the dead are separated which is why there are almost no direct connections – you need a bridge, a connector, something to divide the two worlds. This is where you are; it is one of such places that exist between the realm of the living and the dead. Understood so far?” He waits for your response (if any) before moving on.

“These places are shaped by the beliefs of the souls and mirror their worlds as close as possible. In the old days they believed you had to cross a river, or walk through a labyrinth. Those places still exist as well I suppose though the idea sounds ridiculous if you ask me. Nowadays people lnow of trains and imagine trains. Who knows what new world wil be created in the future. Either way, I’m getting off track…”

He anxiously rubs his hands as he prepares for what to say next. Whatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be easy for him to say. “To move on to your situation…well…you’re dead. I’m sorry, there’s no easy way to put this but this land is meant for those who moved on from the living world. Once you’re here you become part of the dead. And there’s no turning back so don’t even ask,” he stress the importance of this last part. “The worlds are meant to be separate. The moment you crossed the threshold you sentenced yourself to this place for eternity.”

He waves his hand in protest. “Even if you wanted to, the path is blocked for now. You mentioned the word ‘banshee’ earlier? I’m guessing that means you ran into that blasted white wretch?” Again he allows you to answer first.

“That damn howling woman is the whole reason everything here is at a standstill. We haven’t been able to move any souls to the realm of the dead for years because of her. Worse yet, souls from the living realm can’t be transported here. No train can move in or out. No train safe for this one,” he pointed towards the skull train you had brought along. “Strange thing is, it’s not one of ours. We have no idea where it came from, what it’s purpose is or where it goes - but it keeps showing up. This is the first time we’ve found a passenger on it though,” he gives you a curious sneer as he said that, clearly still distrustful of you. “Still, I wonder how the other realm is fairing. Spirits can become restless if they remain in the living world for too long. All that build-up of souls, I can’t imagine what it would be like.” Something tells you you didn’t have to imagine to know what it was like. You had seen parts of the aftermath first-hand. One of the will-o-wisps, you notice, had inched its way closer to you plaguing you and Virgil by skipping between the two of you. “Go,” Virgil tries to shoo the creature away.

“So that leaves the last part you need to be informed on. I’m sure you’ve noticed the will-o-wisps floating around. In case you haven’t guessed yet; these are the spirits that are waiting to be transported to the next realm. The ones here outside are those of Pokémon most likely; shy spirits tend to hide their form after all. However,” his voice turns grave. “This leaves the question of what that makes you. You see, when a creature’s time is up they earn their passage and stay to the next realm. You cheated on life and passed on to the next realm on your own – before it was your time. Sadly, you don’t get to skip life and move on to paradise just like that. Like every soul before you, you have to earn your place first. Since you didn’t earn your place while in the realm of the living, you know have to earn it here before being allowed to move on. This is reflected in your state; you’re a corpse and not a spirit, and trust me when I say that working off your debt here takes a lot longer than it does in the realm of the living – it’s a punishment for trying to cheat after all. Considering you’re young I think you’re looking at centuries of work.”

“Oh, and since you’re dead, be ready for your body to start decomposing. That’s right buddy, look at my rotting face; this is what your future will look like pretty soon. By the time you’re done here I’m sure there’ll be nothing left of you than bone and eye. You still have some time before it starts though. You might not have noticed but I bet your heart has started beating slower.” You hadn’t noticed it until now but your heart was beating at a drastically low rate. Your pain had started to subside as well. If you asked about this you would get the confirmation that death here goes smooth and painless. Soon you wouldn’t feel any of your broken ribs anymore.

Virgil places a comforting hand on your shoulder. “I’m very sorry for this. I’ll leave you to your thoughts for now. Come see me in my office when you’re ready. We can get you a uniform so you can start work soon.” And with that, he and his Houndoom left you.

(Since this update contained a lot of explanation, I’m giving you the time to respond to this first before continuing to your character’s next choice/action.)

What do you do?/How do you react?

The Hotel

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