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Originally Posted by Rotom310 View Post
TheKnightsFury: After a pause to set up your minor charade, you head out to make yourself useful. Approaching the stretch of track, you sell your part with your best facade of confidence, bringing out Logi and explaining your plan. Backed up by your Pokémon, you're hopeful he'll buy it.

Up close, you're able to get a much better look at the man. Like McCoy, he's tall - falling just an inch or two below your own height. He has a tanned complexion, though whether it comes from his heritage or from his work you aren't quite sure, and he too is wearing what seems to be the unofficial uniform of jeans and a non-descript jacket under his safety garb. Arms crossed, the man runs his grey eyes up and down you, pausing for a long moment at the sword on your hip. He doesn't cut you off at any point, but judging from the skeptical expression on his angular face, he's not completely sold. When you finish, he's quiet for a long while, obviously in thought. As the seconds drag on, you feel a touch of nerves, a passing thought wondering if you're about to get run off the yard. Luckily for you, after a few more seconds of thought the man shrugs and uncrosses his arms. He still doesn't look like he really believes you, but far be it from him to turn down someone offering to solve his problems.

"Name's Jim, Jim Kirkland," he introduces himself. "If McCoy thinks your team can help, knock yourself out. Makes my life easier at least."

With his permission given, you nod to your Pokémon, setting the plan in motion. Atalanta immediately takes flight, swooping up into the sky for aerial reconnaissance. The other two ready themselves for their part. Logi breathes in deeply, exhaling out a wave of heated air onto the section of track. Within moments the steel blurs in a haze of heat. It's hard to say if actual flame would do better, but, as the steel track starts to glow faintly, the Heat Wave seems to be doing its job. Soon, it's Boudicca's cue. At the ready, the Mudbray tilts forward, throwing a powerful kick at the tracks behind her. There's a metallic screech as her hooves meet steel, bending the track back but just a bit too far. She gives a whuffle of frustration, trying again with a gentler kick to better success.

It's a long process, straightening the lines to Jim's satisfaction. Other than the occasional "good" or "not yet," he doesn't say anything. He just keeps a pensive expression, eyes flicking back between you and Logi. Eventually, Boudicca and Logi reach the last bend in the track, straightening it with a final kick. Jim looks it over, and you see the corners of his mouth uptick. "Well I'll be damned," he finally says, turning to look at you. His smirk has blossomed into a full grin. "I had my doubts, but you guys actually did it." At his thumbs up, Logi lets up his constant barrage of Heat Waves, slumping to the ground with fatigue. That was far more tiring for the young Darumaka than either of you expected. "Well, this'll need to be checked by the maintenance crew at some point, but for a pinch this'll do nicely-"

Before he can say much more, you both hear a hoot. Atalanta descends from the sky, falling into a circling pattern above your head. She seems troubled. What would you like to do?

(Logi and Boudicca each gain 1 level for their work.)

(Declared 3/6: Rowlet, Mudbray, Darumaka)
Things were going well as Jim introduced himself and didn't seem to question Jayson's story too much. That was good, if he knew he was acting against McCoy's instructions he would have surely sent Jayson on his way. Logi although young and inexperienced proved more than capable once he put his cheekiness aside and applied himself to the task. His Heat Wave gently heated the rails to a more malleable state before Boudicca did her best to kick them into place. Jayson didn't expect her to succeed straight away, he knew she would struggle to apply the right amount of power but with Jim's somewhat low key instructions she got the job done.

As they finally got the track straightened up, Atalanta returned from her scouting duty and was sporting a worried look on her face. What could it be? Had she found another issue? Or worse, was McCoy on his way back and Atalanta was giving him a heads up? They had to get cleared by the main office at some point but if something happened that he could have prevented, he would a hard time forgiving himself. No, for now they had to continue making sure the yard was safe for use, if McCoy returned and lined him up for disobeying orders than he would let his deeds speak for him.

"Jim if Atalanta is this concerned than I think something is very wrong. We should follow her, my Pokemon can likely help resolve any issue but we will need your professional guidance."

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