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This is a really common-sense matchup we've got here today, folks. Toxicity is well-known for producing massive amounts of salt, and ghosts are verifiably allergic to salt! They also cannot cross salt lines on the ground. A little bit of a mythological-historical angle we're gunning for here! Loving the ingenuity and care that our esteemed community has for the type chart endeavor.

Personally I'm a little shocked at the potential implications of this on ASB. Ghosts in ASB are immune to poisoning effects, as they are technically Starmie. I mean, inorganic. What a Freudian slip, am I right?

I'll be taking PMs on a rolling basis; please don't hesitate to offer more typing options! There are 120 options in Game Freak's (flawed) official type chart, so we've still got a lot of work ahead of us!
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