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"Alright. Then I guess that's all." Sophie said once she had finished trading numbers.
"I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got a meeting to attend to. Farewell for now." Sophie added, giving the group a small wave, before heading back in the direction of Zack's office.

As Jake gave Keith his number, he also couldn't help but wonder why they hadn't done this earlier. But now wasn't the time for that. Once Jake had registered Keith's number, he rummaged through his bags side pocket, pulling out a folded map.

"Would I be right..i-in assuming you'd want this?" Jake questioned, handing the map to Telpo.

"You read my mind master. May I suggest we stop at a Pokemon Center? Just so I can properly plan out our route." Telpo chimed, grabbing the map as he did so.

"Sure. I-I need to heal Vermillion anyway." Jake nodded

As the pair turned to leave, they noticed that Keith had already made his way towards the exit.

" were...great out there a-as well." Jake replied as Keith praised him. He didn't entirely believe what Keith was saying, but he figured there was no point in denying it at that moment.
"Umm..good luck on your voyage as well...I mean i-if you decide to go." Jake added.
"Can you tell Millicent that I'm ok as well?" Telpo chimed. "I realized after I left yesterday that she might be worried with me joining this investigation."
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