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Shockwave Showdown

"...have reported that while all human passengers were safely evacuated, one Pokémon was found trapped in the sinking ship. The Pokémon in question was sent to the Fizzytopia Adoption Center. Our sources say that the Pokémon in question was a-"

"Yeesh," Keith was saying, shaking his head at the TV news report he was watching. "Can you believe all the bad luck that happens to any ship that sails from Gateon Port? First the S.S. Libra incident, and now this."

"Yeah, it's nuts," Meowth nodded. "Let's stop watchin' dis," he suggested. "Ain't youse wanted ta get in some trainin' today?"

Keith nodded. "Right!" he declared as he stood up.

"Alright, who's we workin' on today?" Meowth inquired. "Sunny? Cotton?"

Keith shook his head, throwing a Poké Ball. "Go, Colin!" he exclaimed.

"OH COME ON!" whined Meowth as Keith's Yanma materialized. Meowth covered his ears, a move which proved futile against the shockwaves that ensued- Colin, overeager as usual, beat his wings uncontrollably, sending uncontrolled shockwaves in every direction. Keith also shielded his ears against the horrible droning noise, to no effect.

"Yan ya..." Colin murmured, hastily stopping himself. He looked down, tears in his Compound Eyes.

"Colin, don't worry," Keith said, approaching his Yanma. "We're gonna work on this again today, OK? I want you to battle Meowth."

"Youse says wat now?" Meowth demanded.

"Just get on the other side of the clearing and be ready," Keith stated. Meowth muttered under his breath, but did as told, turning around once there was plenty of space for him and Colin to have it out.

"Alright, all set on dis end," Meowth groaned.

Keith grinned. "Then go, Colin!" he exclaimed.

"Yan ya!" Colin buzzed, excitedly flying forward.

"Alright," Meowth stated, charging up a sphere of water between his front paws. "Have a drink o' Water Pulse!" And with that, he fired the sphere.

"Now, Colin!" Keith exclaimed. "Focus your shockwaves on that Water Pulse and destroy it!"

"Yan! Yan yaaaa!" Colin responded, eagerly beating his wings. And while the resulting shockwaves did indeed cause the Water Pulse to fall apart, it also threatened to do likewise to Keith's innards- Colin still wasn't able to focus them yet. "Y-yan..." Colin murmured, his momentary excitement fading fast upon spotting his Trainer's obvious discomfort.

The Yanma hung his head- nothing was working. And if he kept this up... he would surely only bring more pain and misery to his Trainer. There was obviously a reason nobody would adopt him before Keith...

"Hey, Colin!" Keith called, for his Yanma was starting to fly away. "Colin, wait! Wait!" With that, he took off running after the Yanma, ignoring the shockwaves his wings were involuntarily giving off. Meowth briefly considered taking off after them. One headache later, he changed his mind abruptly.

Keith's head was pounding, but he didn't slow down. He couldn't just let Colin live like this. That Yanma deserved... uh, deserved to... uh... head hurty...


Keith slowly opened his eyes. His vision was blurry. His view of the sky above seemed to be partially obscured by a number of horizontal lines parallel to each other. He blinked- the blurriness cleared up a bit, but those lines remained. He blinked again- no more blurriness, though that very quickly proved to be the least of his problems- those lines, he could now see, were cage bars.

Keith sat up and looked around- he was in a metal cage. Next to him lay Colin, awake but lying still. And more to the point, a number of Team Rocket grunts were standing around the cage, identical unpleasant smirks on their faces. "Oh, great," Keith groaned. "You guys just don't know when to quit, do you?"

"Heh, says the little Mankey in a cage," retorted one of the grunts. "Found you just lying on the ground, unconscious, with that Yanma buzzing over you all worried like. Stupid bug tried to take us all on at once. Didn't end too well for it. So yeah, we'll be taking you both to the boss. Not sure what he could use the Yanma for, but hey, why not, right?"

"OK, yeah, you're not getting away with this," Keith began, reaching for his belt, when he stopped. He'd left all his other Poké Balls inside his Secret Base.

"Heh. Looks like we are," chuckled another grunt. "What's wrong, Masters? Didn't bring your other Pokémon? How careless of you. Alright, let's load 'em in the truck," he added to one of the other grunts.

"Yeah, about that..." muttered a third grunt. "The truck ain't here yet. That's what that text was a few minutes back- flat tire. It's gonna take 'em about ten minutes more to get here."

"Oh, for the love of..." grumbled the second grunt. "Alright, at least we know they're not going anywhere. C'mon, let's keep an eye out for the truck," he stated, leading the others away from the cage.

Keith kept an eye on the grunts. Once he was sure they were far enough away, he whispered to Colin. "Now's our chance," Keith hissed. "Colin, let's break out of here!"

"Yan..." Colin murmured, looking up at Keith, a look of great sorrow in his eyes.

"Hey, look," Keith said gently. "I said I'd help you learn to focus your shockwaves, and I meant it. Yeah, it means headaches for me, and apparently, today, blacking out, but look- I've been on the business end of Sludges, Thunderbolts, Flamethrowers, Water Guns, Mega Punches, Double Kicks... even almost a Curse once, but that's beside the point. Look, my point is, I don't expect this to be easy or painless. But that's not gonna stop me. You deserve a Trainer who refuses to give up on you, and I want to be that Trainer," stated Keith.

"Yan ya..." Colin murmured, his look of sorrow replaced with one of respect, his tears of sadness replaced with ones of pure emotion. He'd never known a Trainer to be so determined to work with him, never known a Trainer to endure so many uncontrolled shockwaves and still stay by his side.

Keith smiled. "Now what do you say?" he said. "Let's bust out of here!"

"Yan ya!" nodded Colin.

"All right!" Keith grinned, turning to face the cage bars before him. "Colin, Tackle, let's go!"

"Yaaaa!" buzzed Colin, zipping forward and ramming into the cage at as high a speed as he could muster with so little distance to work with. Keith hastily looked back, but the grunts were no longer in sight- wherever they were awaiting the truck, it was clearly a bit of a walk.

"Alright- once more, Colin!" he encouraged the Yanma.

"Yaaan yaaa!" Colin grunted, ramming the cage bars once more. And this time, he repeated this without waiting for orders. Keith watched his Yanma ram the cage bars over and over again, until finally, they showed signs of damage.

"OK, Colin, hold on," Keith said, stopping Colin from using Tackle again. "You weakened the bars- your shockwaves might be enough to finish the job. It won't destroy the cage, but we'll have enough space to get out at the very least."

"Yan..." Colin murmured, sounding uncertain.

"Hey. You can do this," Keith encouraged the Yanma. "Don't worry about me- just break us out of here."

"Yan... ya," Colin nodded resolutely. Focusing like never before, Colin took careful aim at the point of the cage where he'd been executing Tackles, and beat his wings with dizzying rapidity. He could feel the shockwaves already, spreading out on all sides, but no- not this time. Colin would not disappoint Keith, not after he put so much faith in the Clear Wing Pokémon. After all the training sessions, after all the dizziness and pain he'd subjected himself to in the name of helping the Yanma train... Colin vowed he wouldn't let it all be in vain.

Colin focused hard, so hard he began to sweat. Focused on that one specific spot like his life depended on it. And then, he felt it- some sort of primal force awakening within him. His wings glowed with energy as they flapped, and he could feel the shockwaves focusing, concentrating on a single point, manifesting themselves as a powerful glowing orb of ancient energy. Keith's jaw dropped as Colin unleashed the powerful move, which plowed straight through the cage like it was nothing.

"...Holy crap, Colin!" Keith grinned as he and his Yanma exited through the hole. "That... that was Ancient Power, wasn't it?" he said. "Colin, that was awesome-"

"Hey!" barked a voice from a distance. "Masters is escaping!"

Keith turned to look- the grunts were running back their way. For a moment, he contemplated fleeing- perhaps he could outrun them, make it back to the base, and get his other Pokémon to take them on-


Colin was hovering before Keith. His wings still gave off shockwaves, Keith could still feel them... but they weren't as intense as before. Learning Ancient Power seemed to have helped Colin to exercise a certain degree of control over them. It wasn't a total fix, but it was certainly a start! Moreover, Colin looked ready to battle, even as the grunts sent out a pack of Houndour.

"Oh, we can handle these!" Keith grinned. "Colin, Ancient Power!"

"Yaaaan yaaaa!" Colin trilled, generating another orb of primal force before him, and sending it flying at one of the Houndour, who yelped as the super effective move made contact. The other four Houndour, however, started to advance on Colin, growling and snarling viciously.

"Gah..." Keith murmured- Colin couldn't take on this many Houndour at once!

"Alright!" smirked a grunt. "Houndour, Flamethrower!"

"Use Fire Spin, you!" another grunt commanded.

"Colin!" Keith exclaimed, but before he could say anything else, his Yanma flew up high, a brilliant glow coming over his whole body. The tail lengthened, as did his wings, and spiky ridges formed on his back. The whole body got larger, and when the glow faded away, the Ancient Power that followed was delivered not by a Yanma, but by a formidable ! At a loss for words, Keith took out his Pokédex and pointed it at Colin.

"Yanmega, the Ogre Darner Pokémon, and the evolved form of Yanma. A Bug and Flying-type," said the Pokédex. "The shockwaves Yanmega generates can inflict critical internal injuries on its foes. It can easily transport an adult in flight, staying balanced with the help of the wings on its tail."

"And you even got some new moves!" Keith grinned. "And Colin- your wings are going a mile a minute, and I'm not feeling any shockwaves!"

"Yan ya!" nodded Colin, his voice now a very deep rumble, though Keith could tell his new Yanmega sounded happy.

"Enough of this!" snapped a grunt. "Houndour! Fire Fang!"

"You use Fire Fang, too!" the other four grunts ordered simultaneously.

"All right!" Keith grinned. "Colin, use Bug Buzz!"

"Yaaaan!" rumbled Colin, beating his wings, sending visible red shockwaves at all five Houndour. This stopped them in their tracks, whining and whimpering, their Fire Fangs extinguishing as they did so.

"Now!" Keith exclaimed. "Night Slash, let's go!"

"Yan yaaa!" Colin responded, his wings glowing black as he dove down, and he landed some solid damage on two of the Houndour with this move. It wasn't very effective, Keith knew, but this was mitigated by Colin's newly-acquired Ability of Tinted Lens.

"Get it! Flame Charge!" ordered a few grunts.

"Go up!" Keith instructed. Colin obeyed, flying straight up at high speeds, resulting in three Houndour ramming into each other, rather than converging on the Yanmega.

"Flamethrower!" called all five grunts at once.

"Use Double Team!" commanded Keith. And at once, the air was thick with Yanmega copies, all of them swooping and diving. The Flamethrowers cleared out a good number of the copies, but they were still seemingly surrounded, with no way to tell the real Colin from the fakes.

"Oh, this is no problem!" scoffed one grunt. "Use Odor Sleuth!"

"Do it now! Air Slash!" Keith commanded.

One of the Houndour sniffed deeply at the air, causing the Double Team copies to vanish, though even as this happened, the real Colin was already sending a blade of pure air flying their way. This outright knocked out two of the Houndour, leaving only three.

"Colin, wrap this up!" Keith grinned. "Quick Attack!"

"Yan ya!" growled Colin, zooming down at rapid speeds, ramming all three remaining Houndour in quick succession.

"Gah..." grunted one of the grunts as he and his cohorts all withdrew their totally unconscious Houndour. "You won't get away with this, Masters!" And then, as if on cue, the roar of a truck engine could be heard in the distance- a truck was navigating its way around the trees, a Rocket grunt at the wheel.

Keith and Colin merely smirked at each other. "Air Slash," was all the former said.

"Yan ya!" rumbled Colin, flying forward, and unleashing a blade of air, this one aimed at the truck's front wheels. The tires were slashed by the Flying move, causing it to come to a stop. This prompted the grunt to get out of the cab and start running away at high speeds, which in turn prompted his cohorts to follow his example. Keith chuckled as the Rockets ran off.

"Come on, Colin," Keith said to his Yanmega. "Back to the house." With the grunts no longer a problem, Keith was free to go home, to show off Colin's evolution to the others, and now that he had his shockwave-inducing wings under control, free to bring him out in public. And of course, he was free to call Officer Jenny, tip her off to Team Rocket activity in the area.

What? Yanma is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Yanma evolved into Yanmega!

*Colin learned Bug Buzz!*

*Colin learned Air Slash!*

*Colin learned Night Slash!*

*Colin learned Bug Bite!*

*Colin learned Quick Attack!*

*Colin learned Double Team!*
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