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Have you ever looked at Game Freak's type matchups and gotten confused?

"Why is Flying super-effective against Fighting?"

"Why does Steel resist Psychic?"

"Why is Psychic super effective against Poison?"

It's enough to keep me up at night! I just want to make it all better. Come here, my beautiful Pokemon type chart. I will fix you.

But I can't do it alone. No, I need the assistance of EVERY member of if I want to embark on this grand undertaking. Together, we can make the type chart a shining example of beauty, balance, and common sense. People will weep just to think about what we have created.

  1. Send me a PM using one of the 18 types as the subject
  2. Once 2 types have been PM'd to me, I will post them in this thread along with a randomly-generated "RESIST/SUPER-EFFECTIVE/IMMUNE" message
  3. Help further by posting justifications for why this combination is in the state it's in!

Together I know that we can create the best, most balanced, and most well-reasoned type chart this world has ever seen.

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