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Éclair found herself lead into the fog bank, ever mindful of her duty to the young pair of Pokémon. Aside from reluctance to follow the Espurr, she is surprised to see Monty and Mille in agreement for once. As they walk deeper and deeper into the fog as it grows ever thicker and fewer and fewer flowers pop-up from the floor. Yet despite the fog the Espurr remains in clear view several yards ahead. It never errs to keep that distance and never looks back, stopping on the spot if whenever the trio does.

Then, no sooner that the last flower fades from view behind the group, they notice something more is missing. Something subtle, something that leaves them feeling lighter on their feet but they can't quite figure it out. Suddenly the Espurr stops and turns to them, the same blank stare on its face as it begins to float higher and higher and more quickly so with each second that passes. Then it hits Éclair. It's not rising, they are falling!

More seconds pass as the fog falls away from around them. Below are several cliffs. One has a cluster of pink trees, another has green. Lastly a ridge has a particularly large white spot on it.

How will the group save themselves from this free fall?


As the group continue to peruse the graveyard Jinbe and Momonga find a Nevermeltice and a Leftovers amongst the supplies. Elsewhere Sucy finds herself eyeing a skull embedded in the ice. She tilts to the left to meet its eye sockets with her own. Then as she tilts back up right she finds that they are still lined up with her's. She begins to hover around in front of the ice, but try as she might she cannot break eye contact. Then the skull begins to speak, its words mirrored in the wind, it tone growing angrier by the word.

Iiiiiiii warned you toooo leaveee,..... yet... you continue to trample on these gravessss....

Crrrrrrkkkk!! Cccrrrkkkkk!!

The ice on the graves begin to crumble as the voice pauses.

Aaaassszzz a ghost yourselvvvvvfff.... one would think you'ddd have more respect for the DDDEEEAAADDDD!!!!

The ice falls away as the bones of the deceased humans and Pokémon form a hand the tightly grips down on Sucy. The remaining seventeen tombs crumble as their bones sound join to the hand creating a monstrous form. Momonga and Jinbe can only look in horror as what can only be described as macabre skeleton of a mermaid prepares to slam the Misdreavus into the icy ground beneath it.

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