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Morningstar: The graveyard was far to dishevelled to even be considered a proper place to bury the dead at this point. The path was sunken in in all the wrong places, overgrown with shrubbery and almost impossible to properly tread across. Each grave that you passed seemed to be far too faded with age to properly read what exactly rested below them, it was almost as if they were purposely scrubbed out to erase any existence of what rested here. Your Pokemon clutched the edge of your skirt, seemingly out of fear --- but it was actually in order to be at your side to protect you from any beast or possible ghost that tried to attack. A sigh pressed it's way out of your lips, why had you even come here? It was cold and dreary, it would have been a far better option for you to go to the village. At least there you wouldn't be out here, shivering like an fool with a large bundle of flowers in your hands.

Your attention was immediately drawn to a light in the distance, it was faint on the horizon, but just bright and pressing enough to draw your eyes to it. You felt the weight on your heart lift instantly, finally you'd have something interesting to do in this cruel and pressing graveyard. You kept an eye on it, asking your Mawile if she had seen it too. However, your Mawile seemed to be focusing on a bush nearby that had begun to rustle ominously in the wind. However, you weren't deterred --- you knew what you had seen and you knew that you desperately needed to get over there to check it out. You began to rush towards where it was coming from, causing your companion to frantically scurry behind you. Eventually, you thought it best to simply carry the creature, so that she wouldn't fall behind. She protested at first, but eventually accepted that this was the best for the both of them.

As you bounded across the uneven terrain of the graveyard, countless graves poked their heads out of the earth among your vision. The light also seemed to be getting brighter, and a little bit more clear the closer you seemed to get. As you approached, you noticed that the light actually seemed to be floating above the ground, as well as the fact that it had a rather pressing purple glow to it. This only fuelled your enthusiasm more, what could it possibly be? As you ran across a small gap of land in the graveyard, you noticed something odd. Not only was the light particularly bright and almost blinding from up close, it was actually in a lantern being carried by what looked to be another person.

It was a young girl, she had a long black rod in her hand from which a small cage like lantern swung --- which contained what looked to be a dripping white wax candle with a tremendously bright purple flame glowing atop of it. The girl herself looked quite normal, regular brown hair, somewhat darkened eyes with large bags under them, and messy ripped clothing. The clothing and eyes were probably just from playing in such a dreary place, the young girl had probably fallen and ripped up and dirtied her clothes, it was no cause for the concern that your Mawile was clearly displaying. The young girl's eyes seemed fixated on a hole in the ground, a shovel was at her side --- had she dug the hole? She was starring into it, unblinking even as you approached. She barely reacted to your presence, but the light seemed to glow even brighter once you got closer. What exactly was she looking at in that hole? It was about 4 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and of an unknown depth.

Do you dare look in it? Or would you rather get the girl's attention first? What do you do?

As Athena bounded through the graveyard, watching her feet didn’t land into any holes, she couldn’t help but feel excited. Was it a Pokemon? Some kind of strange spectral phenomenon? Éclair, on the other hand, didn’t care to know. She clung to her trainer tightly, trying not to be thrown to the ground if Athena happened to trip. The closer they got to the light, the more Athena observed about it. The color was like nothing she had ever seen, and was particularly mesmerizing. She slowed her pace, not wanting to disturb the figure that she spotted carrying the lantern.

“Purple fire? Isn’t that pretty Éclair?” She whispered to her Pokemon. Éclair didn’t answer, and was instead fixated on the young girl. Athena took notice of the child soon after. Though an odd sight, she rationalized that the graveyard was public property, anyone was able to walk through it on their own. During her travels, she had seen plenty of young children on their own, training and catching Pokemon. Only, this girl did not seem to have a companion with her. Athena twisted up her face in concern and confusion. Maybe she had gotten lost when playing? She let Éclair back down to the ground, and handed over the bouquet to her.

“Mawa…” The Mawile looked worried about what her trainer was thinking. This didn’t seem to deter her trainer, who had slowly begun to approach the little girl. Athena walked around the lantern, which strangely was not emitting any heat despite its brightness. Tucking the back of her skirt under her legs, she crouched down on the other side of the girl, smiling and trying to make contact with the little one.

“Hi sweetheart,” she started, putting on her best ‘big sister’ voice. “What are you doing?” She figured showing interest would make her seem friendly to the girl. If she understood she was there to help her, maybe she would be able to help locate the child’s parents. Waiting for an answer, she looked down into the hole, wondering what was so interesting about it.

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