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Originally Posted by Lil'twick View Post

Sothe contemplated the situation. Most bug-types were able to create silk to help assist in nesting, catching prey, or preparing themselves for evolution. It didn't really narrow down the list of suspects too much, but a look over the crime scene should be enough to help discern at least some clues. Sothe then gave his respond, full of boastful hubris saying that if there was good enough incentive to assist the performers he and Presea would. Presea then delivered a sharp kick into the Sceptile's shin, enjoying the amount of pain the annoying gecko was in. He gave her an angry look, before correcting himself and asking the Bellossom about what reward they could get, instead of what services they could give him.

"Oh!" One of the Bellossom spoke up. "My sister has a garden here in the jungle that specializes in Pokemon enhancing items. Stuff like Luminous Moss, Miracle Seeds, Big Roots... Anything that would help a grass-type such as yourself Mister! If you help us out I can show you where it is afterwards and I'm sure my sister will let you take a few things home with you!"

The offer was certainly tempting.

"Hey, we still need to show them the scene," another one of the Bellossom spoke up.

"Right!" the first one responded, and the group then led Presea and Sothe to the scene.

It was a small hole in a tree, near a makeshift hut of grass and leaves. Inside of the hole was silk, which looked pretty strong yet also incredibly light and thin. This silk was a general characteristic of Spider Pokemon such as Araquanid, Ariados, and Galvantula. Araquanid tend to use their natural water bubbles instead of their silk, and Galvantula silk tends to be a yellow-tint due to the electricity within it. That leaves the most likely suspect a member of the Ariados family.

With this information, what will the duo do?
Despite his earlier allegations regarding the unlikelihood of finding the culprit off a single clue, Sothe already seemed, upon closer inspection of the crime site, to have a far clearer idea of what his potential suspect might possibly be. His sharp eyes could not be fooled! He put the threads to the test, and it only served to ascertain his initial supositions. Such strength. Such texture! Such taste! He became one with the silk and the silk became one with him. He could already envision the goddess of silky threads herself tethering him across all possibilities until it led him to its very exact source. Arachnid silk, it just had to be! Likely one of the Ariados family, if its trip inducing toxic threads were anything to go by (besides the fact the other two candidates were unlikely).

He would end up regretting this. One does not just eat spider silk. Just don't.

Presea on her end just spent her time playing with the silk, rubbing it between her tiny hands before stretching it out. It felt rather sticky and gross. Searching for a nearest object to rub it off, she ends up scrubbing it against the Sceptile's leg. He pays her no mind.

This, too, he would end up regretting.

Sothe's focus then starts to shift around the area, trying in the process to locate where the suspects might've headed off to afterwards. Perhaps a trail of silk residue was left along the way, or something else entirely. As he did, he decided to question the Bellosom in order to see what other intel they could provide.

"M'lovelies, I believe I have enough grounds right now to say in a relatively accurate manner that a spider was involved in this act of thievery." Presea perks up and tilts her head as he mentions the "involvement" bit. Wasn't the maker of this silk the very culprit itself? "And no, sweetie," Sothe interjected, as if reading the Axew's thoughts, "we've not enough evidence to put the blame on anyone yet. For now though, I must ask: have any of you seen either a Spinarak or an Ariados today at this very gathering?"


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