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Sorry for the delay. Next batch of updates for my crew!


Kanna listens to the Chansey's request, and contemplates on the possibility. While she herself wasn't one for fashion, she knew her friend Minchi would be more than happy to get a new accessory or two. Looking towards Kief, Kanna saw that the Zigzagoon was trying to steal from the hardworking Meowths. Giving him a stern glare, the Zigzagoon slowly slinked back towards Kanna and Yufi before agreeing with the Furret. With all that done with, the Chansey gave a happy smile and asked the group to follow her.

"The docks are just this way, so please follow me!" the Chansey chimed at her fellow friends and travelers, who simply nodded and followed the blob down the the docks.

The docks themselves were bustling with activity, various market stalls selling berries or freshly caught lesser fish for Pokemon to buy or barter. A few wandering merchants tried to haggle the group, but a stern glare from the Chansey was more than enough to chase them away to the more darker recesses of the market.

Soon enough the group reaches the textile ship, only to see a panicked Lopunny looking around. The Pokemon seemed to be a bit frantic, and perked up a bit when the group arrived.

"Oh Chansey! I'm sorry but I have terrible news! Some Caterpie managed to get into the cargo hold and are now eating the textiles. I've sent some of the crew to go find help but they haven't come back yet. Do you think you could assist?" the rabbit asked the joyous Pokemon, who shrugged her head in response.

"Sorry Lopunny, I don't think I can help out here. I only know Strength for offensive moves, and that's to lift these boxes to the shop. Oh, I know. These three said they'd help me deliver the materials since I was running late today. Would you guys mind helping out with this bug infestation?" Chansey asked Kanna, Yufi, and Kana.

What do the trio do?


Sothe contemplated the situation. Most bug-types were able to create silk to help assist in nesting, catching prey, or preparing themselves for evolution. It didn't really narrow down the list of suspects too much, but a look over the crime scene should be enough to help discern at least some clues. Sothe then gave his respond, full of boastful hubris saying that if there was good enough incentive to assist the performers he and Presea would. Presea then delivered a sharp kick into the Sceptile's shin, enjoying the amount of pain the annoying gecko was in. He gave her an angry look, before correcting himself and asking the Bellossom about what reward they could get, instead of what services they could give him.

"Oh!" One of the Bellossom spoke up. "My sister has a garden here in the jungle that specializes in Pokemon enhancing items. Stuff like Luminous Moss, Miracle Seeds, Big Roots... Anything that would help a grass-type such as yourself Mister! If you help us out I can show you where it is afterwards and I'm sure my sister will let you take a few things home with you!"

The offer was certainly tempting.

"Hey, we still need to show them the scene," another one of the Bellossom spoke up.

"Right!" the first one responded, and the group then led Presea and Sothe to the scene.

It was a small hole in a tree, near a makeshift hut of grass and leaves. Inside of the hole was silk, which looked pretty strong yet also incredibly light and thin. This silk was a general characteristic of Spider Pokemon such as Araquanid, Ariados, and Galvantula. Araquanid tend to use their natural water bubbles instead of their silk, and Galvantula silk tends to be a yellow-tint due to the electricity within it. That leaves the most likely suspect a member of the Ariados family.

With this information, what will the duo do?


Morgana can only watch in horror as Mochi ignores his fears and waltzes across the land bridge. The Skitty starts to climb up the blue snake, trying to get to the rock it is coiled around. She continues to climb, the Dragonair starting to stir a bit, until the cat sees the stone. It's a brown rock, with warm, red crystals growing out of it. As Mochi gets closer to the rock, the more warmth she can feel being emitted from the rock. It felt perfect to just lay on top of, but a scream from the Litten shocked her back to reality.

The Dragonair was awake, and stared Mochi dead in the eyes. The elegant dragon picked up Mochi and tossed her across the land bridge next to Morgana, before spitting to get rid of the taste of cat in its mouth. It recoils around the rock, this time so it can see both Morgana and Mochi. It watches them, but doesn't dare to speak. Mochi then looks at Morgana and describes the rock in better detail to him. If this rock woulds truly help Pascal, then maybe negotiating with the Dragonair would be the only option,

What will they do?

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