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Roserade stared down with a cold indifference as Lucas and Horologie stepped forward with their heads bowed. While she didn’t give off the vibe of a tyrannical ruler, she certainly didn’t seem friendly enough to take interest in every passing traveler either. Her ruling disposition was a much more vain display of her own self-importance. As Lucas properly introduced himself, he propositioned for Roserade’s assistance in lending a Rose Incense to help the poor Budew. At the mere mention of the Rose Incense, the queen turned slightly to stare at a rack of about five of the item in question right behind her. Turning back to face Lucas, her eyes quietly narrowed at the mention of Budew.

“Rose…” she spoke with a quiet disinterest. Roserade rolled her eyes as Lucas referred to Budew as ‘her subject’ as if to imply that his assumption was mistaken. She stood in silence for a moment, paying liitle heed to Budew’s plight. However, she sighed, not wanting any blood on her rosy hands. “Rose… erade. Rose!” she commanded, gesturing one arm to the east before crossing her arms. With that, one of the Roselias closest to the throne from the aisle stepped forward and addressed Lucas, Petunia, and Horologie. The flower Pokemon pointed east just as Roserade had and then pantomimed a small ovular shape with her rose hands before finishing by pointing at the Rose Incense.

Petunia nodded and bowed one more time before gesturing for Lucas and Horologie to join her away from the throne area. “Flower charades is a little tricky, but I think I got the gist of it,” she began with a smile. “Basically I think what she’s saying is that if you want to get the Rose Incense, you’re going to need to bring back a seed of some sort from Lilligant’s domain. That’s why they were pointing to the east. C’mon, I’ll show you the way.”

While it might have been a bit of a wild goose chase, Petunia seemed to be enjoying herself. To her, the politics of the different Rose Garden areas was quite fascinating. Lilligant and Roserade, she added, didn’t seem to get along particularly well. But that was nothing compared to the feud between Roserade and her biggest rival to the south-east. After a short while of walking, the two came across another border which seemed to separate the rose and the lily domains. However, the hedges they came across looked as if someone’s Snubbull had just torn their couch to shreds. Either that or the aftermath of the biggest pillow fight in history.

The hedges on either side of the border were covered in fluffy, cotton-like substances, and as Lucas took a step forward, Petunia stopped him. “Hold on, something’s not right here.” She picked up a pebble from the ground and tossed it into the clearing. Instantly a flurry of Bullet Seeds and Cotton Spores went flying into the area from either side. “As I thought, things could get a little tense over here. It looks like we’ve stumbled into a turf war between the Jumpluff who live in the Rose territory and the Whimsicott who live in the Lily territory. What do you say? Should we try to go through it or shall we take a small detour to the south?”

As he sat in the ranger’s cabin at the dining table with his two hungry Pokemon, Hiero recounted the adventures of his past, telling two of the newer member of his team all about battles he and his Pokemon had fought in the past. While hearing all of these stories, Junpei couldn’t help but be fired up as he chowed down on some berry pancakes his new partner cooked for him. Once the meal was over, Hiero dutifully cleaned up after himself and his Pokemon and began to think about where he wanted to proceed from here.

It didn’t take Hiero long to come up with a decision, and he asked Junpei if he would like to join him in taking on the trial challenge back in the Cloud Forest. The Heracross quickly agreed without hesitation, and after giving Tomoko a rest, the two left the cabin. It was a familiar path as they headed down the Galea Plains trail, heading back the same direction from where they had previously come. The sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky, perfect weather for exploration in this peaceful meadow, but it would have to wait for another day.

Eventually the two arrived at the wall of trees that marked the edge of the Cloud Forest. With one last look back at the plains, the two continued forward into the thick of the trees. It was another quiet stroll through the woods, marked only by the sounds of the birds, the bugs, and the leaves just as it was before. The trail itself was uneventful as Hiero and Junpei carried forward for what seemed like an hour or so. It wasn’t until they noticed that the forest was getting darker that they arrived at a fork in the road, marked by a signpost. Hiero noted to himself that it must be getting close to sunset.

The signpost itself was obstructed by a low-hanging branch, and as Hiero leaned closer to clear it, he heard a sound off to the west. THWACK… THWACK… THWACK… Hiero then moved the branch to see that the arrow pointing left to the west was faded, but the arrow pointing right to the east could be made out to read ‘Woodcutter’s Cabin.’ As the light in the forest grew ever-dimmer, Hiero faced another decision: Investigate the noise to the west or head towards the cabin in the east. (Please Reply in Limegreen)
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