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"Sure, sounds good to me." Sophie replied, taking out her Pokégear.
"Here..I'll give you my number first." Sophie said, flipping the Pokégear over for Keith to see. On the top screen was a string of digits, presumably Sophie's number.

As Keith took one PC, Jake took the other. Thinking for a moment, he swapped out Neku, Vernon, Dusty and Bubbles, replacing them with Kage, Sprout, Sparky and Milo.
Once he was finished, Jake turned his attention to Keith.

"I'm ok...t-thanks though." Jake replied to Keith's offer. "Me and Telpo...w-we're actually going a bit of a ways."

"Master is right on this one. We're actually headed to a place called Amperet City." Telpo chimed. "It's a bit out of the way, but I'm sure we'll manage."

"Right." Jake nodded. "But..I-I'll trade numbers..if you want."
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