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Ami couldn't help but pout at the sight of the poor creature. "He... doesn't seem to be doing so well..." There was no way those eyes were normal, that's for sure.

'...Our eyes?'
He blinked confusedly, and was quickly made to realize what she meant. 'Ooooh!' The weirdness of seeing more of the world around him than just Freighya was mildly eclipsed by the fact that he clearly wasn't using his own eyes for it- the point of view was to close to the ground, and it was a little hard to miss the winged ball of fur moving about as if in wonder. 'Is that what I look like? That's, uh, not exactly what expected.' The image did give him a bit more of an understanding as to why he couldn't use his own eyes, though- they weren't even visible behind the tufts of fur!

'...Thanks?' Bell said as he looked at the tube Little Miss had placed in his soup. He picked it up cautiously and attempted to plunge it through the Water Bubble... successfully! 'Okay, so...' He stuck it in his mouth and sucked, putting on a surprised look on his face as he sputtered a bit. 'Aaagh, that's hot! ...At least I know how this "straw" thing works, now?'

(OOC; I apologize in advance if we don't interpret the scene with Freighya and Nadie the same way. It's kind of an odd concept, ya know?)

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