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(OOC: I'm gonna try following this rule as well)

"And it weren't just him, neither," Meowth added. "Back den, people started gettin' Shuppet o' their own left and right. Keith even ended up wit two. O' course, can't exactly blame him fer dat, considerin' da second one he got turned out ta be his sister."

Keith nodded. "Alright, later, then," he agreed.

Would I be correct in assuming this has to do with Stewie's secret lair? inquired the Starmie. Stewie's mentioned what he calls an insufferable pink Eevee once or twice- might that be you he refers to?

Pomona smiled, letting go of the Skitty. "That's good," she replied gently. "Just remember, you're not in an abusive home anymore- you have a Trainer who's really nice," she smiled.

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